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The Varieties Available in Meat Serve Over Counters

meat serve over counters

As we all know that meat is most important food item that is present at every retail store. So retailers use to store this perishable food item in the meat serve over counters. Which are specially designed to display the meat by maintaining its perfect temperature required to keep the meat fresh and hygienic. Actually, you need to have a low temperature for storing meat so that you can prevent having any type of bacterial growth on it. That is very harmful for meat and become the reason of spoiling it completely.

Yes, you can also store meat in the deep freezers, but retailers who are much more interested in displaying the meat in their stores should prefer to get the meat serve over counters. That will be appealing for customers to see the pieces of fresh and healthy meat in the counter displays. That can urge them to make a purchase. For this retailer should choose to have the glass top serve over counter. Here in this article we are discussing about the varieties available in meat serve over counters. From which retailers can choose the one for their shop:

1. FRILIXA MAXIME Meat Serve Over Counter:

So first meat displaying serve over counter that you can choose to have in your retail store is Frilixa MAXIME. Basically, this is a fully automatic appliance that will have sliding doors present with it. These doors consist of acrylic material. Other than that, these counters will have fan assisted cooling system that will be available with the adjustable foot unit. Next it will have internal light attached to the switch, other than that it will also have a digital controller, or the body structure made up of stainless steel.

2. BLIZZARD ZETA250 Meat Serve Over Counter:

Next meat displays serve over counter fridge that you can have in your retail store is BLIZZARD ZETA250. Basically, this counter consists of a flat glass front illuminated with a canopy. Actually, this counter will have laminated backside. It will provide an ambient temperature of almost 25 C at 60 % RH. And this counter will be available in the size of 1250H x 2500W x 800D mm. Other than that it will have a temperature range up to +2C to +5 C.

3. KOOLMAX AROMA Meat Serve Over Counter:

Another variety of meat serve over counter that is available is the Climax AROMA. It basically consist of a serve over cabinets and have very low amount of stagnant low ventilation refrigeration system. Actually, this serve over counter is well equipped with the condensate evaporation along with the twist of stainless steel. Other than that this type of counters use to have stainless steel worktop. Other than that depth of this type of display counter will be almost 545 mm. Actually, this appliance will have the temperature ranging from +2 C to +4 C. And it will consist of the electronic pane along with the curved glass push down. Basically outer dimensions of this appliance are 1320H x 1950W x 1005D mm.

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