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The Versatility of Vinyl Lettering

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If you want to decorate your office, car, or business store exterior, you can opt for vinyl lettering. It has a very wide variety of options that you can choose from, which is why it is highly recommended. 


The Composition of Vinyl

Vinyl is known to be the most versatile type of plastic. It is sometimes called PVC or polyvinyl chloride. It is used in many applications, ranging from food wraps to auto body parts. Vinyl is an organic compound composed of chlorine and ethylene, but it does not stop there. The bonding of chlorine and ethylene will result in a compound called ethylene dichloride. Then, it is converted to VCM gas or vinyl chloride monomer at a very high temperature. Monomers are the building blocks of polymers. These monomers will undergo polymerization, a chemical reaction until the VCM becomes a chemically stable powder, also known as polyvinyl chloride resin.

Plasticized Vinyl for Vinyl Lettering

One of the many forms of PVC is plasticized vinyl. It is commonly used for vinyl lettering. These are thin sheets of rolled vinyl films that are self-adhesive. They are cut with a computer-controlled plotter. They can be cut and shaped according to the desired design and pattern. Sometimes, patterns are also printed on these films. You can also DIY (do-it-yourself) your vinyl lettering. You can order pre-fabricated letters, and you can now peel the adhesive back of the film yourself. It is best applied to smooth surfaces.


Where can you apply vinyl lettering?

Honestly, you can apply vinyl lettering everywhere, but here are some areas where you may think of last:

  • Glass windows: Well, this area is kind of obvious, but window letter decals are the perfect option to make sure that your signage will be easily visible. It is a good decoration too. You can choose your font and design and add your logo as well. Having the freedom to select your personal choices grants you a perfect way to show your letters closely related to your line of business or work.
  • Mailboxes: Your mailbox needs to have a clear and readable number. Since vinyl lettering is very customizable and versatile, you can select your desired size as well. You may need to apply for a 4-inch address number so that it can be visible up to 50 feet away. You can opt for a smaller size for your street name than the address number since they tend to have more characters and occupy more space.
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles: All vehicles are required to have unique registration numbers. Applying vinyl letter stickers is your easiest and fastest option. Vinyl stickers can also act as your car decorations to keep them unique from other vehicles.
  • On boats: Yes! You read it right. You can also apply vinyl letters to your boats. Maybe your boat has a name; you can use them to flaunt the name of your boat. Don’t worry; vinyl plastics are very durable; they can withstand even the oceans!


How to apply Vinyl Lettering

The application is very simple and easy. All you have to do is peel and paste. The vinyl letters are already spaced evenly, so you can choose to apply them all at once, but if you want to change the spacing a little bit, you can still choose to apply them one at a time. These letters are very thin and sticky, so be careful when applying them. They can easily stick to any surface they get in contact with. Nonetheless, vinyl letters are very easy to apply, inexpensive, versatile, and durable.

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