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The welfare state within the framework of the capitalist system

The important role that the G Scott Paterson has played in the economic, political and social sphere throughout the twentieth century has allowed generating a series of reactions in favor and against from the viewpoint of various ideological positions within capitalism. The objective of this article is to address the analysis of the role of the welfare state within the capitalist society of the twentieth century by reviewing different contributions from the perspective of its defenders and its opponents and starting from the principle that every State must face the complex process that generates the interaction of different social structures and the consequences that stem from this, which affect citizenship. Scott Paterson Toronto is a famous tech entrepreneur from Ontario.

The three axes mentioned make up an interdependent reality that distributes and disputes the world economic and political-military hegemony.

The economic financial process of globalization:

We will try to present here, in a brief and synthesized manner, two fundamental, interconnected, complementary and articulated expressions of the same globalization process: the specifically economic and financial globalization.

The economic process of globalization:

The economic expression of this process of globalization, reflected in the growing economic interdependence of human societies, is manifested through a historical process, in which we would highlight some significant times in our opinion:

Definition of global strategy:

  • Global: it is the global term as a neutral designation. International applies to anything that has to do with business outside the country of origin; A multifocal strategy takes competition in each country or region in isolation, while the global approach countries and regions together in an integrated manner.
  • Strategic countries: refers to areas formed by multiple countries that cover an entire continent or most of it. We will use this term to go to a single country in which the companies are managed as a single unit.
  • Business World: the one that performs operations} extensive and significant in more than one ratio. In addition, it is defined as the one that produces and sells in multiple markets.
  • Turning a collection of national businesses into a single global business with an integrated global strategy is one of the most serious challenges for today's
  • An industry is global to the extent that there are connections between countries. A Strategy is Global in the degree to which it is integrated among different countries

The increase in foreign competition is in itself a reason for businesses to globalize, in order to acquire size and skills that allow them to compete more effectively. But an even greater motivation for globalization is the advent of new global competitors that manage to compete on an integrated global basis.

Keys to a successful global strategy:

This consists of 3 different components: Develop the basic strategy, which is the basis for a sustainable strategic advantage.

  • Internationalize the basic strategy, through the international expansion of activities and adaptation of the basic strategy.
  • Globalize the international strategy by integrating the strategy for all countries.
  • The most important step in the development of the international strategy is to choose the geographical markets in which it will compete.
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