Themed Garden Landscaping


Garden landscaping Perth-wide is influenced by the beautiful coastal vistas, lush vegetation and the ever-changing climate. From creating the layout to choosing turf, plants and decorative features, following a specific theme is crucial because it brings cohesion to your garden. Here is everything you need to know about the theming of your backyard!

Why You Need a Theme for Your Landscape Design Perth

Choosing a theme will help you make your garden beautiful and practical. It will give you guidance on how to select plants, trees, paving and garden furniture. Whichever style you choose to go with, you’ll have the liberty to personalise the design with a colour scheme and details you like. It is crucial to pick a theme that can be adjusted to the style of your house, types of soil and weather conditions.  

The Most Popular Garden Themes in Western Australia

When it comes to choosing your landscaper, Perth offers some of the best specialists in Australia who know how to conform any theme to local surroundings. The most popular themes range from the iconic Aussie-style coastal or bush garden to backyard designs inspired by the Mediterranean or English-style gardens. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of these four staple styles!

1 – Coastal Garden

A typical coastal garden exudes a rugged, unstructured and laid-back vibe. A combination of native shrubs, timber decking and gravel pathways offers the perfect setting for hammocks and a tranquil swimming pool. The idea is to create a space for relaxation inspired by beach resorts and choose plants that are hardy and can withstand both sizzling heat and strong winds. The most important styling principles are informal lines, natural flow and a variety of textures.

The plants: emu bush, grevillea seaspray, kennedia coastal carpet, coastal correa, cushion bush, kangaroo paw

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2 – Mediterranean Garden

Inspired by the lavish coastal properties of Italy, Greece, France and Spain, Mediterranean-style gardens are cherished in Australia too. How to achieve the look? The key elements to include are raised garden beds, potted plants, ceramic tiles, overhead shades and outdoor furniture made of steel or wood.

The plants: citrus fruits, lavender, oleander, rosemary, olive trees, blue smoke bush, snow in summer, Mexican lily

3 – Contemporary Native Garden

A garden filled with Australian natives stays green and beautiful year-round while attracting wildlife and allowing easy maintenance. To achieve a contemporary look, make the design minimalistic but effective. 

The plants: southern blechnum banksia, dampiera, mondorup bell, dwarf agonis, native hibiscus, bottlebrush little John, egg and bacon plant, kangaroo paw, native iris

4 – Cottage Garden

Inspired by rural England, cottage garden theme is difficult to achieve in Australia, but it is popular because of its colourful, rustic and informal look. A versatile and seemingly unplanned mix of traditional European flowers in vibrant pastel shades is the most important feature of cottage gardens. English garden benches and wicker chairs are ideal furniture pieces that will fit into the setting.

The plants: rose, peony, hydrangea, dahlia, delphinium, bay tree, blue hibiscus, cotton lavender, purple fanfare, darwinia

How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Backyard

Garden designers Perth-wide can help you choose a theme that is perfect for your property. The key parameters include the position of your house and the backyard, the size of your property, the architectural style, the type of soil and the existing elements you want to work with. The backyard is an extension of your house, and the theme should complement the lines, the colours and the materials.