These 10 Healthy Habits Can Make You a Better Business Owner


Day-to-day life as a business owner means having to develop your time management skills. It also means learning to deal with the unexpected consistently. Often, entrepreneurs place their well-being on the back burner behind other obligations, such as those related to work and family. As hectic as your life may be, you should prioritize your health. After all, if you're not well, you won't be able to function adequately in any aspect of your life. 

1. Be Good to Your Body

Treating your body right benefits your overall health, including keeping your mind sharp. It's not always easy to eat healthy when you're constantly on the go. However, try to find ways to grab a healthy meal or snack as often as possible and cut back on junk food as much as you can. One of the keys to good health is staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Working in a workout at least five days each week, even if it's just a 30-minute walk, can benefit your body more than you may realize. Some exercise is better than none. Motivate everyone in the office to take on a healthier lifestyle. You might create health challenges each month and give small prizes for the employees who achieve the best. You could also recruit a group of co-workers to take a walk during the lunch hour. 

2. Step Up

Part of being a business owner is possessing mental toughness and not being afraid to take certain types of risks. There are no guarantees, but going out on a limb will sometimes help you achieve more success. There's a good chance that simply starting your business was a significant risk. You probably have some goals and know the direction you want to advance. You just have to find the right time to pounce so you can reap the most meaningful rewards. 

3. Be Open-Minded

Reading is an excellent way to exercise your mind and expand it. It's a great help to keep your mind sharp. Just as important, it also opens new worlds and concepts for you. Whether you're reading an industry new blog or a book on the history of the universe, you'll expose yourself to new ideas. Also, take time to discuss different subjects with your colleagues. Ask about their interests and learn a little about them as people and their life outside of work. They could expose you to things you never knew existed. You may even discover a new interest of your own. 

4. Plan

As overwhelming as to-do lists can feel at times, they're the best way to set a clear path forward for what you need to accomplish. Whatever tasks you need to get done, whether by the end of the day or the end of the week, write them down. It'll make you feel a sense of accomplishment as you see your progress on paper as you mark the tasks off the list one by one and move on to the next. 

5. Delegate

Your team is there to assist you with projects that you don't have time or desire to complete yourself. As the owner of the business, your job is to concentrate on the bigger picture. If there are day-to-day tasks at work, or even at home, that you can't find the time to do, hire someone to do them. It will take smaller jobs off your plate so you can focus on more important work. Having this extra help should make you feel a little less stressed. 

6. Be Goal-Oriented

Think about both your short-term and long-term professional goals. What do you want to accomplish within the next month? Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years? 10 years? The first step to meeting, or even exceeding, your goals is putting them in writing. The next step is devising a realistic plan to reach them. Even if a goal seems insignificant or you're not exactly sure where you want it to go, you'll be more likely to take it seriously if you can see it in writing. 

7. Declutter

Research has shown that clutter causes stress and anxiety. Clear unnecessary materials from your desk and office as much as possible. Give your employees organizing tools so they can keep their spaces clear of clutter, as well. A clean, clutter-free workplace makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere. There's not only physical clutter; try decluttering all aspects of your life. Do some meditation to free your mind from some anxiety, if even for a short time. If you have any unhealthy relationships in your life or some toxic employees, free yourself from them as much as you can. 

8. Be Thankful

Whether your team is big or small, you and your company wouldn't be able to operate well without them. Letting your employees know that you appreciate them and their hard work will make a big difference to them and the office morale. They'll be motivated to keep working hard and will feel more invested in the business. A little expression of gratitude on a day that seems out of control can make people feel a bit better about devoting so much of their time and effort to work. 

9. Give Back

Everyone has something they can contribute to others or society, in general. Find a charity or community organization and donate money or time. Volunteering and being generous doesn't just help the people who are receiving your services. Research shows that it can also greatly benefit your physical and mental health. Volunteering is a great way to meet people, plus it gives you a sense of pride in making an impact. This feeling is powerful when you can see the positive results of your effort. Volunteering can take your mind off your own problems for a while; it should help you see the bigger picture. All of these benefits can help fight the depression and anxiety you may be experiencing. Get some of your employees together to volunteer somewhere on a Saturday. You could even give them one day per month off work to spend volunteering somewhere where they're needed. 

10. Find Time to Unwind

Sometimes it's challenging to find a work-life balance, but it's essential to your wellbeing and your company's success. Make time to unwind every day. Set a specific time each evening when you'll unplug for the rest of the evening. Take a day completely off of work occasionally. Make some time to work on hobbies that you enjoy. Go on vacation. If you never find time to relax and get away from work, stress can overtake you. Refresh your outlook and get a little boost of energy by taking time to unwind, even if for just a short time. 


As a business owner, it's difficult — if not impossible — to fit everything you need to do into one day, much less an eight-hour workday. It's essential that you make your health a priority, though. Without your health, you're unlikely to live to your potential and achieve your goals. While you may need to put some not-so-critical work on the back burner for a day or even a week, you'll discover in the long run that adopting a healthier lifestyle will mean a more solid and successful business.