Thing to Consider Before Buying Pillows Online for Babies


Whether you’re a parent to be or already a parent to a newborn baby, you’ll know how important is the right toddler bedding. An infant sleeps for at least 16 hours a day. In such a case, you would want the best for your baby, right from their soft blankets to their bedding. But you can’t overlook the bed pillows. 

But you always have to be careful. Overcrowding your infant’s crib with stuffed toys or rattles can be harmful and increase the risk of SIDS. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) An unsafe environment to sleep can increase the chance of getting affected by SIDS. 


Hence, you’d want to be very careful while picking up the right bedding for your baby. Whether you’re buying pillows for babies online or at the store, you need to know what things to consider before buying pillows for babies.


Pillows for Babies

When you’re buying pillows online for adults, you’ll consider various things. But when it comes to babies, there are different factors that you have to consider before buying pillows online. Here is a checklist for you when you go buying a pillow for your toddler. 



The pillow should be able to give proper support to the baby. It can’t be extra soft. Not only the stuffing but even the pillowcase should be soft as this comes in direct contact with your baby. 

Make sure your case is of materials like pure cotton and not polyester as it can irritate sensitive skin and lead to allergies or rashes. 


Easy to clean

Both the pillow and the pillowcase should be easy to wash without its quality, getting degraded with every wash. Dust mites drool, and other allergens might get accumulated on your pillow. Hence, it’s essential to wash it once in a while. While buying the pillow, check it, the pillow is machine washable. 

Pillow Filling

When it comes to the filling, there are various materials available like memory foam, feathers, eco-friendly materials like buckwheat and hemp. But for kids, it is better to stick to synthetic materials or cotton filler as there is no potential harm to choking or allergies.


Your baby doesn’t need a king-size or standard size pillow. An infant pillow is made according to the baby’s head and should fit properly. For a baby to sleep comfortably, he requires head support and neck support. An infant’s pillow is about 13 by 18 inches. 


Opt for a type of pillow which is a hypoallergenic pillow. The whole aim is to reduce the chances of the amount of bacteria that will grow over the pillow. Choose a hundred per cent cotton pillow and pillow covers. You can check out Portico’s pillows as they’re made of pure cotton and can be an excellent choice for your kid. 

Other factors that you should be careful about while buying a pillow for babies are to make sure they are adjustable to the baby’s needs. They should also be durable and not have any ornamental elements like tassels or beads. Consider your baby’s needs and understand his sleep pattern before buying a pillow. Whether he is a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, observe and buy the pillow.

You can check out Portico’s bedding and pillow covers. They have a wide range of high-quality mattresses and pillows made from 100% cotton for your and your family’s well being.



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