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Things about hand trolleys that you have to consider before buying

When you enter any warehouse industry or factory there is one type of equipment that you might have seen very common and that is a hand trolley.

When it comes to buying a hand trolley there are various things that you have to look at before buying them. We all know that trolleys are one of the simple equipment for transporting goods and equipment within a factory or industry premises. It makes the work of manually transporting the items much easier and thus it becomes easier for a person to pull or push them.

This can make your day to day task much easier and there will be much better efficiency in the operations.

Type of applying force on a trolley

One of the basic things that you want to know about a hand trolley is whether they are to be pushed or pulled. There are two types of trolleys in all types of industrial settings. And those are the push trolleys and the pull trolleys.

Which type of trolley is safer to buy?

If you are looking into the safety features of a trolley then indeed there is one trolley that is considered to be much better than the other one.

And those are the push trolleys. Yes, there are many injury and accident risk hazards of buying a pull hand truck especially when they are running on smooth surfaces. The pull trolleys might run over your foot or even without proper speed check on a sloping surface they might run over you. Thus you need to buy the push trolleys if you consider safety features in a hand trolley.

Specifications of the load platform

When it comes to buying hand trolleys the load platform is one of the most important areas of the trolley that have to be looked after. There are two things to check here-

The dimensions of the load platform

The dimensions of the load platform have to be such that the load item can be placed safely within the load platform so that there is no part of the load protruding outwards that might also cause the risk of cutting or injuring a person’s foot.

The load-bearing capacity of the load platform

Among the many features of a hand truck in the case of the load platform, checking out the load-bearing capacity of the load platform is extremely important. You need to ensure that the load platform is such that it can easily carry the weight of the load items without forming a bulge or bending over or cracking apart. 

The loading platform in most cases for extensive heavy duty trolleys are made of stainless steel. While for the small to medium weight and load bearing trolleys the load platform can even be made of industrial-grade plastic.

Type of material that they are made of

Now, coming to the outer body of the hand truck most of the hand trolleys are made from stainless steel to ensure that they can withstand the high weight of the load kept on the load platform.

But sometimes for office trolleys, catering trolleys or trolleys used in transporting some lightweight equipment can be made of plastic too. These are not reliable enough for transporting the large bulkier items. They are good for transporting lightweight items such as cardboard boxes, cans, jars, canisters, etc.

How to make them more weather -resistant?

To ensure that your hand truck is durable and weather resistant you need to ensure that the hand trolleys are weather resistant. For better weather-resistant, you need to ensure that the outer body of the platform trolley is made from stainless steel so that it doesn’t corrode when in extensive use over the long run. You can also ensure that they are anodized with chromium to ensure that they are protected from the weather.

Ensuring that they are safer to run even on sloping or unsmooth surfaces

To ensure that the load on the load platform is safe to be carried you need to ensure that the load platform has load straps to ensure that load item can be secured safely especially when running on sloping surfaces. This will prevent the load from falling or tripping over.

Thus check out whether that they are resistant to the weather and thus you can be safe about sudden injuries or accidents or even for load items that need proper care.

How can you ensure less storage space for them?

You can buy a hand trolley where the load platform can be folded to ensure that you can safely add to your storage space.

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