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Things an alarm management system can do for your business premises or home

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Today’s modern security systems can do much more than simply scare potential intruders away from your business premises or home. Nowadays you can use a smart security system simply to check in and see how everything is going, to prevent an accident or disaster before it actually happens, and even to save some pounds on your energy bills.

Here are some of the things your alarm management system can do for your business and for you, and also some ways in which you may help the alarm system provide better protection.


Keep an eye on what’s going on…

Many alarm systems today actually have live video capabilities. And this capability is not just for emergencies, actually you can use it to check if everything is gong will within your business premises or to check if back home your kids are doing their homework. Some alarm systems can also send alerts when anyone enters or leaves, and thus you will know exactly who is in your office or home at all times.


Save some money on your electricity bill

Security systems are able to use motion detection to tell whether you are there, and also to adjust the smart thermostat and lights accordingly. No longer do you need to worry whether you turned everything off when you left your office or home. Some systems can also account for severe changes in the weather.


Preventing damage caused by water

A broken pipe can actually have truly devastating effects on offices or homes. Early detection is key. Aside from detecting smoke, certain alarm systems can also sense moisture and even turn off the water when a leak is detected. Place a sensor under the sink and you will be notified of a leak immediately.

Throughout the above lines we have seen some of the ways in which an alarm system can help you. However, not everything is about what your alarm system can do for you… you also need to help your alarm management system help you, by taking some or all of the following actions:


Installing smart locks

Your alarm system is, of course, able to detect if a door has been left open, but you do not want to make it that easy for thieves. We all have, at some point, left the office or home without locking the main door. With a smart lock, you will be able to control your deadbolt remotely. You will never leave the doors unlocked again.


Light the night

An alarm system can alert you if an intruder is trying to break into your premises or home, but there are many things you can in order do to deter the thief in the first place. For example, you can have motion-activated lights installed around the perimeter of your business premises or home. There is a good chance that a light flipping on will hopefully drive the intruders away.

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Do not make it easier for potential intruders by providing hiding spots

Many people who run a business or have a house actually aid intruders without even realising. Make sure you are not helping them by providing hiding spots like an open garage or a dark porch. Make sure you keep your garage always locked.


Smart technologies

With modern technology, a lot of alarm management systems work in conjunction with office and home automation. You can utilise these technologies to control your appliances and lights. How does this help when it comes to security? You can flip on a TV to make it look like someone’s there, or ensure your office or home stays lit when you are away.

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