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Things you must Avoid While Driving in Bahamas


One thing that really matters is the speed of your car while driving. No matter if it is Bahamas or any other part of the world, you have to be super careful while driving. Fast speed is something that can surely put our lives at risk. Except for the professional sports persons and the ambulances around the country, there should not be any other vehicle be drive at a high speed. And when you are driving fast, there are a lot of factors that take part in setting our life at stake. First off you must plan to keep yourselves safe and then set out to enjoy your fast car drive.

Japan car online auction has shared following things through which you’ll realize ma go wrong while driving in Bahamas.

1.   Not staying focused


Most of the times, when enjoying vacations in Bahamas, tourists rent a car to appreciate the natural views in that region. They must not focus that the country has its traffic rules that must be kept into view. While heading out on a road trip, most of us get so much involved in enjoying the high speed that forget to look straight at the road, which causes a lot of accidents. It must always be remembered that as long as you keep your sight at the lane, you are away from road accidents. Getting out of focus could be a lot more dangerous than wrong driving skills.

2.   Positioning your Hands in a Wrong Way


It is considered as one of the biggest mistake that drivers make most of the times. They position their hands on the steering wheel like it is joyful task, where it is a great responsibility to be on the driving seat. This practice even gets more threatening when you are driving very fast because as soon as you lose the control, sustaining balance between both the front tires gets a bit difficult. The best way of steer a car is to keep your hands in 9 and 3 positions all the time. It may allow you to drive safely.

3.   Let the car to coast


When you are using a throttle steering technique, the biggest mistake that you may come across is a fast driving again. Either you should use brake or accelerator always. And if you are unable to do so and coast, the car will eventually lose the balance. Bear in mind that coasting always put your life at risk as it reduces the efficiency of brake at the last moment. In fact, it is the kind of practice that kills the car’s life in long run if accelerating while coasting.

4.   Playing Loud Music


A lot of research have proved that the loud music ensues to the great reactions. Traffic experts give instructions about music to enjoy it at low volume as it may put you in some bad situation on the road. Through loud music, you lose your ability of focus because of the interference of sound with the engine’s shift points and speed judgements. Hence, it is recommended to keep jour music’s volume low to focus while driving.

5.   Inappropriate Sitting Position


Every driver needs has a big responsibility over his shoulders so he must be seated in a comfortable way, amenably. But the comfort must not be preferred over the duty. While driving, the driver must put their hands and legs in a way that the clutch and steering are in his optimum reach.  Try not to straighten your legs and put them in a manner that could be depressed to the max, when needed. While on the other hand, your wrists could be lifted and put on the top of steering wheel to rest them for a bit. Make sure to adjust our driving seat in a way that all of which gets possible.


Traveling is the best therapy. However, it is advisable to get everything done in a planned way. Make sure you have consulted with your travel agent regarding the best places to be in Bahamas.  Eventually, it will make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Above of all, if opting to drive in new country, make sure to be it safe and secure. The above mentioned tips would be helpful enough to make our trip to Bahamas comfortable and exciting.

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