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8 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Home Security

Your home is the place where you should be comfortable and secure. In the past, just having four walls around you could guarantee you the security and comfort which you desire.

However, in today’s society; most well-built homes are completely insecure. Nowadays, you will need to use things like latches, locks, sensor lighting, and alarm systems to make your house secure. Here are eight little-known factors that could affect your home security; 

Utilizing Basic Latches 

Advanced latches may be quite costly, but using them instead of simple locks will keep your home secure. Most homeowners and renters usually make a big mistake by using basic latches to lock up their homes.

These basic latches can be easily broken down by burglars. Therefore, if you use a simple latch; you should consider replacing it with a sophisticated latch such as an electronic or magnetic lock.

No Security Lighting 

You may want to switch off your security lights to reduce your energy bills. When you switch off your security lights, your outdoor areas will become dark. 

Typically, thieves are fond of dark environments, and they may target your home if it does not have any security lighting. Therefore, you should never go to bed while your security lights are off.

You should also consider installing motion sensor lighting. These lights will automatically go on when they sense any intrusion. This way, any thief who intends to break into your home will run away for safety when these lights go on, and your valuables will be safe. 

Allowing Strangers to Enter Your Home 

Be cautious on whom you permit to enter into your home. Always do a quick background check of all the handymen and maids you would like to hire. This way, you will avoid hiring individuals who may be criminals and who can compromise your home security. 

Potential Hiding Spots Within Your Outdoor Areas 

If you don’t trim the trees and bushes in your outdoor areas, they may end up to be potential hiding spots for thieves. As asserted by Art of Manliness, criminals are fond of dark and bushy areas, and they will most likely break into your home if it has incredibly tall grasses and bushes.

Also, make sure that you don't dig pits right next to your entryways. Thieves can comfortably either hide themselves or their weapons in these pits. If your outdoor area has several hiding spots, then your home will be targeted by thieves.

Utilizing Obvious Techniques 

As illustrated by How Stuff Works, some security techniques are too obvious, and even criminals know them. When you frequently utilize these techniques, your valuables will have a high risk of being stolen.

For instance, don’t hide your spare key in your outdoor areas; since burglars can quickly retrieve it. Instead, give your key to a trusted friend who would keep it safely for you. 

Also, don't put all your valuable items in the master bedroom. Of course, your house has several rooms; and you can store at least one precious item in each room. This way, you will lower the risk of losing all your valuables since thieves focus on stealing from just one single room.

Wooden Front Doors 

Wooden front doors may be quite attractive, but they may not be the best fit in improving the security of your home. Typically, doors made from wood are weak, and burglars can quickly break them and enter into your house. 

If you have a wooden front door, you should replace it with a metallic one. A metallic door may be quite costly, but it plays a significant purpose in fortifying your home. 

Not Closing Your Curtains 

Some people may leave their homes without pulling back their curtains. If you leave your home and you don’t close your curtains, you will create an opportunity for potential thieves to spy your home. 

Such thieves will look through your windows to identify the location of your valuables and make plans on how to steal them. Therefore, even if you will leave your house for a short period; you should make sure that you leave your curtains closed.

Not Having Home Security Systems 


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Most houses do not have home security systems. Such homes are more susceptible to attacks by burglars and robbers. You should install a home security system so that your home can be secure. 

You can choose between a professionally monitored and a DIY security system. However, a professionally monitored security system is more expensive than a DIY security system. 

Choosing the right security system for your home can be quite a daunting task. There are many factors which you should consider before you purchase the best home security systems. Some of these factors include the cost, the mode of installation, and the guarantee plans. 


As illustrated by these eight factors, you can unknowingly compromise the security of your home. For you to fortify your home, you must install home security systems and stop using obvious techniques as well as avoid doing things which can affect your home security. 

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