Things That Make You Love and Hate Driving Test Earlier Booking


There are many things that will make you love and hate driving test earlier booking. I'll share my experience with you today about how I got my driving license after failing three times.


My Driving Attempts:

At the age of nineteen, the first time I submitted my request to get a driving license. At that time, I was very curious about my license, so after performing the theory test with good grades, I started looking for the driving test cancellations to get driving test earlier booking. And luckily, I found one on my own. I stopped practicing driving and feel like I don't need more practice to pass, I know everything, and I'll pass the test easily. This is the thing that ruined all the efforts on the day of my driving test. Usually, there is a gap of 4 to 5 weeks between the theory test and practical driving test, but as I get the driving test earlier booking, there is just a gap of one week between my both tests. 


On the day of my practical driving test, I was very confused and nervous. I made a lot of minors and big mistakes while performing my test because I was out of practice. So the examiner failed me and asked me to perform the test again. This will give me a lot of anxiety, and I lost all the confidence with the failure certificate in my hand. 


My Second Attempt: 

After the failure of the first time, I started practicing daily and hired a new professional instructor to guide me. After some time, with the permission of my instructor, I rebooked the practical test according to my instructor's instructions. I got the date 4 weeks away, so again, I started looking for the driving test earlier, and I've got the one. After the booking, I again started practicing, but the time is very limited, so there are many things i don't have knowledge of due to the earlier booking. On the day of my test, I didn't check the mirrors and also made some mistakes that led to the failure again. I think this was the most difficult and disappointing time for me. 

My Final Attempt:

So here is the story of my third and final attempt. After getting failed two times in a row, I again rebook my practical driving test, and this time I ask my instructor to teach me all the things in detail. I start asking too many questions and also try to build confidence again. Because the most important factor is confidence to get a driving license. I practiced day and night with proper instructions and guidance. When I realized that now I am ready for the test, I started looking for the driving test cancellations to get the driving test earlier booking. I tried very hard to search for the cancellation on my own, but the time was not in my favor, and then I decided to get the services of Test Swap to find the driving test cancellation for me. They notify me within two days about the cancellation. I think there is no other website on the internet with such a good response time at very low and affordable prices.


So now here is the day of my test. I met my instructor two hours early before my test and practiced for the last time. Then I went toward the center with my instructor, and he advised me to be confident and self-assured. My examiner took my driving test, and I was driving with full confidence and avoided making mistakes. At this time, the test goes very well, and the examiner appreciates me for such a good performance. The examiner passed me and gave me the certificate of the passed practical driving test, and after few days, the government ment my driving license to my house.