Things to Ask a Tow Truck Company Before You Do Business with Them


Most people can go about their day, not needing the services of a tow truck. By the time you need them, you're not sure who to call. To save you the agony of deciding on the spot, which often results in an expensive and traumatic mistake, you can select as early as now. Looking for a towing company that you can entrust your valuable car with is not easy, but these guide questions can help you.

What is your average response time?

Imagine being on your way to work for the presentation of your life. Suddenly, your engine fails, rendering your car immobile in the middle of the road. Accidents and vehicle breakdowns are matters that frequently require urgent attention. Besides the congestion caused, your schedule will be affected too. Asking about a towing company's average response time is a major deciding factor if they are right for you. It also helps to understand which states they are present in and if you frequent these areas. This is an excellent way to gauge if you can expect quick assistance from your preferred towing company.

What type of vehicles do you tow?

Not all towing companies are equal. Some are better equipped to service a wide range of vehicles. More established companies offer light to heavy-duty services, meaning they can tow small cars up to large trucks.Asking the towing company for the types of vehicles they cater to is essential, especially if you're trying to get your boat or truck towed. You'll be wasting time calling businesses who are unable to do heavier loads. Once you ascertain that your preferred towing company can handle large vehicles, you can give them brief details of your car to confirm that they can help you for sure.


What time are you available?

Mishaps on the road happen even during the wee hours. An excellent towing service in West Palm Beach should be available to help you 24/7. Anything less than this is a compromise and risk you shouldn't have the appetite for.

Can you give me a list of how much you charge per service?

Many clients complain about the outrageous fees they incur after choosing the wrong tow truck company. Although it is not cheap to run a tow truck business, many companies have justifiable and acceptable charges. What you would like to avoid is the deceptions and price inflation that get labeled as scams. This can be avoided by knowing how much the services are. Tow companies can help you with gas delivery, unlock door service, tire change, and towing. Charges you might get surprised about are drop fees, vehicle release, impound fees, storage fees, and mileage fees, to name a few. It would be best if you were careful with dirty body shops you don't know. Some will charge you thousands of dollars just because they can.

As in any industry, some towing companies can be trusted while others are exploitative. It is essential to find a business you can trust.