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Things to Check before Taking Your Caravan out After a Long Time

You start up your caravan after the long winter season, only to find the tires worn out and flat. Why is this? Even when you don’t use your caravan, it can still develop several issues whilst sitting unused. That’s why it is necessary to inspect and carry out maintenance tasks such as caravan air conditioning service and caravan electric brakes maintenance before going on your next road trip.

We’re sharing our top four recommendations to ensure that your caravan is safe and ready to get back on the road:

1. Make Sure Your AC System Is Working Properly

Over time, dust gathers inside an unused AC system. If the air conditioning unit is on top of your caravan, it can accumulate considerable debris from the environment around it, even when kept undercover. Here is a list of steps to take before turning on an idle AC:

• Check the compressor unit on the outside for debris buildup. Remove any debris before you continue.

• You might find weeds blocking the compressor unit or any other obstruction. You need to remove these obstructions also.

• Once you turn on the AC, initially run it in fan mode. Let the air blow and cleanse any dust from inside.

Similarly, you need to take care of a few points before shutting the system off for the season:

•  Run the system in fan mode for 60 minutes. It will help clear out the entire system.

•  If you have not had a caravan air conditioning service within the past year, you need to get this done right away.

2. Check Wear And Tear On The Body

While your caravan is kept undercover, it is still prone to external wear and tear. Dirt, dust, moisture, and harsh weather conditions can cause havoc on your motorhome’s exterior and even the interior in cases where water leaks get in

Before you take your motorhome out on the road, you should:

• Check that the doors, windows, and all seals are watertight. An easy way to do this is to hose down your caravan and keep an eye out for leakage.

• Search for any external damage such as rust, holes, or peeling paint on the body.

•  Check for mold on the inside and outside of the van. If you smell something strange, it could be an indicator of dampness or mold. You should have this checked immediately.

3. Are The Tires In Good Condition?

Your caravan might show signs of deterioration on its tires, as well. If you notice a change in their appearance or subtle cracks or balding, you should get them checked straightaway. Also, pay attention to tire pressure, if it is lower than the recommended level, you should have them filled before going out on the road. A handy tip for keeping your tires in better condition when they remain unused is to rotate them periodically.

4. Check the Braking Systems

This is the most crucial caravan check you should perform. Test the braking system by driving your vehicle at a very low speed and braking several times along the way. Moreover, pay attention to the handbrake, brake lights, and electric brake controllers. It’s a good idea to carry out caravan electric brakes maintenance and repairs (if needed) before you take your vehicle on a trip.

Tips for Storing Your Caravan

If you carefully store your motorhome, you can avoid multiple issues and repairs. Some useful tips for storage include:

• Keep your caravan in a covered place, such as a garage.

• If you cannot keep it under a roof, put a separate cover on it.

•  Use a jack to keep tires above ground.

• Turn off the gas and disconnect electrical systems.

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
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