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Things to check before writing a blog post

A blog is an online journal designed to publish, exhibit and gain an insight regarding certain categories, which consists of food, clothing, fashion, business, education, travel and many others. It is an information sharing portal where the blogger blogs regular entries. Similarly, blog posts are written by the blogger. They are informal and opinionated content that are written to attract the reader’s attention. Many bloggers posts on a daily basis to reflect their thoughts regarding a certain controversy or they write compelling reviews regarding certain products.

To know your audience

It is absolutely essential to know that who is going to be reading your posts. You are not going to being writings things about yourself as no one would be interested in knowing. People seek blog posts just because they want some help or review regarding their field of interest. You need to check the kind of audience a blogger is engaging in, that could sustain the consistency of the audience.

Deciding an interesting topic

There is a lot of stuff to write and give reviews on, but to decide a specific topic that would grab the attention of your audience is significant. It's easy to write about 50 different topics and you could start writing without thinking if the audience is interested in it or not. The actual desires and needs are common in most of the audience, so they are looking something that shares their common interest. Therefore, it is important to choose a relevant field of category that you would be talking in the long run as well. You should also have some prior knowledge regarding your topic, as this would help in place the order of your post.

Always come with new ideas if you want to boost your user interest, never copy content from other websites. If you have multiple blogs and it is tough for you to add new article on each blog daily. For that, search a topic from internet, rewrite text with some quality spinner, proof read rewritten content, and post it. That’s somewhat easy way to post article daily if you are running more than five websites.

Usage of Keyword

Keywords are important before writing any blog post. According to your topic, it is essential to do some research before proceeding. The research that you will do will also depends on the nature of your goal. To find a great deal of keywords phrases, Google keyword planner, Moz, keyword density checker and SEMrush would help in deciding the kind of keywords to go for. For a bloggers, they just do not rely on one keyword search they use many other for efficient writing. They would also give an insight to the most used keywords ever.

Contemplating the blog post trends

The blogger must be aware of the trends that are in use nowadays.  This consists on the type of topics that people are mostly writing, the time they are spending on blog to write, the length of the blog post is also essential to know beforehand, the kind of writing styles, the structure of the blog post also matters. A blogger should be well updated of all the trends that are circulating in the blogging world.

Construct a high-level outline

Before writing your blog post, it is said to construct a good outline that can help to instruct your content. This way you can collect all your ideas and thought before you start writing. If you have a plan, this would help you write fast and more efficiently. This helps you process around quickly.

Going for appropriate voice/tone

Before writing, you need to consider or check the kind of tone you will be going for. This depends if the blogger is going to be posting a review that necessary for the audience or something that they would dislike. For e.g. before going for a harsh post, you need to know what kind of audience you are engaged in.

Finalize your title/Headlines

By writing, a fancy title will help you give some direction while writing. This would also enable the writer to know what the blog is going to be about. The headlines should be catchy so that it could have a huge impact on the audience.

Creating ideas

Before you start your writing venture, it is important to brainstorm ideas and write them on a piece of paper. Innovating an idea might take time but to come up with something unique, it is even more interesting.

Using SEO

Make sure to gather appropriate SEO tools before commencing the blog post. They are a significant key in structuring your blog post.

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