Things to consider before adopting a cat

adopting a cat

What does a cat need? You can buy almost anything on a whim. But not a pet!

Have you been wanting to have a cat for some time and have been seriously thinking about adopting one? Are you now inquiring about the necessary steps? First of all, you should know that when you adopt a cat, it is (almost) for life, and not just for Christmas! In fact, cats can live for more than 20 years.

It is also your responsibility to do your best to meet the needs of your feline. So what are these needs? What does your future cat really need to be fulfilled and happy with you?

"Here is some advice on different topics concerning cats specifically Persian Cats":

The nature of the cat

Do you prefer an independent cat? Or a cuddly cat purring in your lap?

(Male or female cats can be very cuddly or totally free and independent ...)

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And there is no way to know that in advance. The cost can guide you in your decision to adopt a male or a female. Indeed, having a female spayed is generally less expensive than having a male spayed; in any case, it is absolutely necessary to carry out this operation if you wish to avoid an overgrowth of felines.

Unless of course you intend to breed cats. But given the number of stray cats that would need loving homes, you might as well think twice!

Opt for an animal from a shelter

Adopt a cat from a shelter

Stray cats taken in, countless kittens, cats abandoned during a separation:

The animal shelter in your city or region has all of these profiles, but can also feature purebred cats! You will be doing a good deed by choosing this solution to find your new pet. Be aware, however, that you will need a lot of empathy and patience with a cat from an animal shelter. Indeed, it may be that this cat has suffered a trauma and needs time before trusting humans again.

Do you prefer an adult cat or a kitten? A baby or an adult?

Adopting an adult cat involves less work at the beginning because the cat is already autonomous to a certain extent. He knows how to do things. Kittens, on the other hand, learn a lot from their mothers and quickly become independent. However, like human babies, they have to learn everything initially, including how to use the litter box. In addition, kittens are naturally more sensitive and get sick more easily. And when they reach a certain age, they need to be spayed or neutered whereas, if the cat is older, the previous owner will normally have taken care of it.

When is it possible to separate a kitten from its mother?

A Finnish study of more than 5,700 cats of different breeds came to the following conclusion: 

A Finnish study of more than 5,700 cats of different breeds came to the following conclusion: Kittens separated from their mothers before the eighth week of life were more aggressive with new members of their household, compared to animals that remained with their mother for 12 or 13 weeks.

Animals weaned after 14-15 weeks were more docile, had a better appetite and were also free from disorders such as excessive licking. In short, the cats that showed the best development were those who had been able to live long enough with their mother or those who had not been separated from her at all.

Cat adoption checklist

  • Do you have enough  time  to take care of an animal? Or are you never at home? A cat requires a lot of time and affection, especially if it lives exclusively indoors. Most cats don't like changes. They clearly prefer rituals and a certain regularity.
  • Do you have enough  space ? A cat needs its own space and ideally a great outdoors to explore.
  • The question of  cost: You need to arrange a budget for a cat or kitten as some breeds are very expensive. Know Persian cat price in India to get a clue how much you need. Can you afford cat food, litter, accessories, and vet visits? This last item of expense can be significant, especially if your cat suffers from a chronic illness. 
  • Does the  character  of the cat suit you? If possible, observe the cat at different times of the day before making up your mind. If you like tranquility, an exuberant animal might not be the best choice for you. Cats can be as different from each other as humans!
  • Cats taken in shelters are often fearful and introverted. However, once they regain confidence and confidence, their behavior can change dramatically. Cats who have gone through difficult times in the past can thus attach themselves in an exceptional way to their new owners.
  • If you can't find your dream cat in a shelter, turn to a serious, licensed breeder to purchase one. Or give a stray cat a new home. He will be very grateful to you!

How to recognize a good breeder?

  • With a good breeder, the animals live in the apartment or the house, and have contact with the whole family.
  • Cats should only breed once a year. By asking the right questions, you will be able to determine if the breeder follows this rule.
  • The breeder must obviously know everything about the breed and the needs of his cats, and willingly provide you with complete information.
  • The fact that a breeder is affiliated to an association of cat breeders is theoretically a guarantee of seriousness, but unfortunately does not guarantee 100% his professional conscience.
  • Avoid particularly inexpensive kittens!
  • Ideally, if you buy a pedigree cat, the breeder will give you a pedigree document and you will ensure that the owner register is updated after the purchase.
  • Long-haired cats should normally be used to grooming already.

Among the sellers of cats, there are unfortunately dishonest individuals who claim to be breeders, while they breed animals irresponsibly. So be extremely careful when choosing the breeder.

Should you have a single cat or several cats?

Cats begin to socialize from their fourth week of life. In most cases, this goes through their siblings (only children are rare in cat families). During this period, they discover all about interactions between cats. Thus, they are brought up not only by their mother, but also by their siblings. If a cat grows up under these conditions and in accordance with its species, it will be a “solitary hunter” all its life, but it will only become a “solitary animal” in exceptional cases, cats being very sociable by nature.

Cats love cats

Therefore, if you want your cat to live exclusively in your house or apartment, it is better to buy two… Indeed, it must be admitted that no human being will ever completely replace another cat. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to satisfy the cat's need for closeness and entertainment the same way as one of its peers. However, this is not a problem. After all, you are human and you don't have to turn into a cat for your cat to be happy!

If you have several cats in your home, they will play and have fun together. And you will escape the inconveniences that can result from isolation, such as poor hygiene and other inappropriate behavior. The situation is different for cats allowed to go outside. These cats indeed live adventures outside and will meet other animals there.

Which cats get along well?

The ideal is to have cats from the same litter because it is in the nature of things and it is thus more likely to see developing an affectionate bond between them. It is also possible to associate an older cat with a young cat. This combination works well in general. The older cat will turn a blind eye to the little one's pranks, at least initially.

The advantage of having two cats

With two cats, you save yourself the stress of a cat who, for lack of occupation, scratches furniture or indulges in other nonsense. In addition, veterinary costs will be lower because cats living with other cats are generally less sick.

However, you will need to fill two bowls and regularly clean the litter boxes (ideally two for each cat). If you're using a premium plant-based litter like Cat's Best, however, the work should be reasonable. The 100% plant-based litters use treated active wood fibers that immediately absorb moisture and odors. This allows you to leave the Cat's Best litter box for seven weeks in your cat's crate before changing it completely. The result is natural cleanliness and your cats will do their business as if they were enjoying a pleasant walk in the woods.

Living with cats

Living with one or more cats is a source of great happiness. Cats are unique in attracting the attention of their owners. Irresistible, they lead their owners by the nose. There is something amazing about the way cats manage to shape the people who care for them. And so it has been for hundreds of years!

This is not surprising, however, when we know that the human-feline (or feline-human should we say) constellation is simply perfect! The cat appreciates the care you give him. On your side, you get a pleasant feeling observing the confidence of this wild animal which lies on its back or side (in a defensive position actually) and invites you to stroke it. It goes even further: in fact, it has been scientifically proven that it is relaxing to stroke a purring cat. 

The situation can become much more tense, however, if your cat develops quirks or stops being clean altogether. These phenomena can have different causes. Cat's Best has compiled some advice on cat hygiene here. There you will find many recommendations and suggestions on this topic.

Cats love tranquility

Cats appreciate peaceful, well-groomed environments. They love rituals and thrive as part of a daily routine: fixed meal times, litter in one place and emptied at the same time each day. Most cats are thus sensitive to the slightest change in their habits.

New arrangement of furniture, new apartment, new animals or humans in the house, different pace of life: all these changes can disturb a cat to a greater or lesser extent.

On the other hand, all cats hate the following: cigarette smoke, loud music, loud voices, dirty litter boxes and no places to retreat. 

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Life with your new companion will not be easy. You may even have to make sacrifices. But this cohabitation can only enrich you: With a scratch, your pet has just customized your curtains? And here he is, now hopping onto your knees, purring, and rubbing his head against you. You might be angry, you can only melt in front of your adorable feline!