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Things to Consider Before Buying Platinum Jewelry

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Earlier, people used to prefer diamonds and gold in buying their jewelry. Whether it was a heavy necklace or a ring,people opted for gold jewelry or diamonds only. The yellow metal has a big attraction to it that has made it popular among everyone and has passed down from generation to generation. Now the focus has shifted towards metal jewelry that comes in various designs and blows our minds. The importance of gold and diamond is still intact. However, for gifting and special occasions, people now go for metal jewelry, especially platinum. Rather than buying gold, they now go for platinum jewelry. 

Most of you already know that platinum is a white metal and known as the metal for kings. Platinum is popular for its rarity, robustness, luster, and versatility. No wonder people prefer platinum rings and bands for their weddings or engagements. Platinum has indeed gained popularity very recently, but it is not a new metal. It wasdiscovered centuries ago but its commercial use has only started recently. Platinum has usually associated itself with Egyptians as the first ones to make use of this precious metal.

Platinum has come a long way as a metal, which can only be afforded by the elites. Nowadays, it is even accessible by middle-class patrons. Industry experts and jewelers both have shifted their perspectives about the exclusiveness of platinum. The Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a South African body of jewelry and platinum refiners. They have stated that the demand for platinum jewelry has grown exponentially and it's expected to further increase by 35% the following year. The industry has grown to a significant size since its inception.

Here are some tips which will help you in buying platinum jewelry:

1. The Shade Does Not Fade Away

This is a 100% fact as in its natural state platinum has a white luster. This feature makes it look like white gold. However, there is a comparative feature in both these metals. White gold has a yellow undertone and has a coating of rhodium on it. With time, the whiteness starts to fade away and thus white gold needs re-plating every few years. This does not happen with platinum as the shine stays longer and does not fade away. Whether it is a new piece of platinum jewelry or an old one, the shine stays just like new. You can pass it on to one generation to others with the same shine as before. The shine will always amaze anyone. This means that a platinum necklace given by your grandma will still look like a new one.

2. It is the Purest Metal to Use In Jewelry

You already know that 24-carat gold is the rawest form of gold. Hence, that makes it the purest form in which gold has a presence. Pure gold is so soft that it is unable to hold its shape for very long. To maintain the shape, it has to mix with other metals like copper or nickel. The purity of gold varies somewhere between 58% to 75% which means 22K gold is used to create jewelry.

In contrast to this, platinum is a hard metal and does not need mixing with any other metal. The purity level of platinum is 98%. Most people are allergic to certain metals but platinum is hypoallergenic. This means anyone can wear platinum jewelry without any hesitation or fear of getting skin allergies.

3. Surprising Durability

Some types of jewelry, like rings and bangles, have more wear and tear as compared to earrings. That is why the types of jewelry in gold has started to disappear with time. In contrast, platinum is a hard metal and can withstand wear and tear through ages. This is a thick metal with unmatched durability. It is the perfect jewelry for everyday use and will not wear out. A vintage platinum ring will look new just like the one it once was when crafted initially. It does not wear out with time.

4. Strong Metal

The robustness of platinum is astonishing and makes it favorable to combine with diamonds and stones to create beautiful jewelry. Due to the strong attribute of this metal, you can be assured that it will not break or loosen.

5. How to Determine Authenticity?

Before buying platinum jewelry, you need to determine authenticity. Platinum is an expensive metal and you need to make sure you have bought the genuine piece. If you have no diligence, chances are that you will accidentally buy white gold or silver in place of platinum.

Given below are some steps to identify the metal with ease:

  • Platinum Hallmark

An important factor that determines the authenticity of platinum is the platinum hallmark on the piece of jewelry. There is either Pt or PLAT written on the jewelry. If you cannot find the hallmark, chances are you have bought a fake piece.

  • Scratch Test

This test assists in differentiating between platinum and silver. Platinum is a hard metal and in comparison to silver, the hardness is quite high. Whenever you buy platinum jewelry, scratch it with your nail. If the surface scratches, then you have unfortunately bought a piece of fake platinum jewelry.

  • Magnet Test

Do you know that expensive and valuable metals such as platinum have non-magnetic capabilities? Taking this factor in mind, you can use a magnet test to determine if the jewelry is real metal or not. To test the purity of the metal, bring a magnet close to it. If it starts to move with the magnet, then you are sure to get fake platinum or a platinum alloy.

Whether looking for a ring or any other jewelry made out of platinum. Make sure to check its authenticity and purity to know that you have bought the original one. There is no point in paying a handsome amount to get silver, white gold or fake platinum jewelry.


Nowadays, people have become more inclined towards contemporary jewelry. If you want to give your grandmas ring to your fiancé. But you fear that it is not a traditional design then don't worry. Many jewelers can easily integrate new designs in your existing platinum jewelry with ease. By selecting a design you like, you can alter the jewelry to gift someone without spending too much on it. Gone are the days when people favored gold or diamond only. Now the time has changed a lot and people have developed a likeness for platinum as compared to other metals. People have ditched cliché jewelry and have adopted new designs to impress their peers. One more thing to remember is that platinum does not wear out in terms of monetary value. Gold or silver may vary depending on market price but platinum stays more or less the same throughout the time.

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