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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Free Standing Boxing Bags

Boxing bags are a regular sight in most gyms and fitness centres across the world. Generally, they have two varieties, the hanging variant and the free-standing variant. However, the free-standing variant is much more prevalent among amateur boxers and MMA fighters. This is attributed to the fact that hanging punching bags require to be tethered to your ceiling, thus reducing their versatility.

They may be perfect for a professional gym. Still, for a home fitness centre, the free-standing variant is a better choice. Additionally, for beginners, the hanging variant is difficult to practice on, because it swings around on receiving hits. Suppose you want to watch and emulate standard boxing combinations within your home space. In that case, free standing boxing bags should be your go-to option.

The market for fitness equipment has a wide variety of products available at a diverse spectrum of prices. Here are the most important things that you need to consider while buying free standing boxing bags for your daily workout routine.

Check Out The Different Materials That They Come In

Free Standing Boxing Bags Usually come in cylindrical shapes, with foam packing. However, the density of the foam is one of the significant factors that decide the price. The outer material should also be durable enough to take significant impact damage without cracking.

While buying the cheapest variant may be lucrative, it certainly isn’t recommended. This is because you will essentially be purchasing a boxing bag that will lose its compactness after taking just a few hits. While being more expensive, Denser foam will hold up to a higher level of battering, letting you unleash the Mike Tyson hidden inside.

The Neck Support Should Be As Rigid As Possible

The connection between the neck and the base is crucial in ensuring that your boxing bag can stand up to significant levels of damage. Make sure that the main body of the bag is attached securely to the base so that the product does not simply break after you use it a couple of times.

Size Always Matters

The size of a boxing bag depends on the type of boxing that you are engaged in. If it is punches that you want to practice, the bag should be of your height. This usually varies from person to person, as free standing boxing bags can vary in height, anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 meters.

However, if you are interested in kickboxing, the bag needs to be taller than you so that higher kicks can be practised easily. That is why, before making your purchase, you should consider the exact purpose and browse the different products available in the market.

Base Capacity Is Something You Should Look Out For

The stability of free standing boxing bags lies in their base. Before buying one for yourself, take note of the capacity of the base. Most bags have a base capacity of 80-100 litres. The more the capacity, the more stable it will be. Usually, the base is filled with water, sand, or motor oil, to make it heavy, and thus more balanced and stable.

Warranty Is Another Important Factor

Product warranty is an essential factor when buying free standing boxing bags. This is to make sure that the bag if broken, can be replaced easily. Damage comes mostly in three forms, the neck, the base, and the body. The body of the boxing bag is the most vulnerable, as cheaper variants crack under impact damage. As for the neck, repeated battering may cause breakage, reducing stability and balance. The base may be leaky, causing spillage of filler material and destabilizing the bag as a whole.

We hope that these simple tips will help you choose the best among different free standing boxing bags available in the market.

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