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Things To Consider Before Registering Your Business Name

One of the most important things for startups in India is a brand name or company name, so today we talk about registering the brand name or brand name online and how to register the brand name that secures your product identity from rivals or, should anybody use it, you can avoid it legally.  

First, start with defining any idea about the brand or company name in India. Both the Brand Name and Corporate Name are different stuff. E.g.; Paytm is one of India's leading eCommerce sites but its name is One97 Contact. Here, Paytm is the online Brand Register and ONE97 Touch is the name of the company. The assumption is therefore that the name of the company or the register of a brand name may be different or the same.

Brand Name Registration

A simple way to register a name is possible with trademark registration in India. Essentially, when you start your own business in India, you must choose the company or company name in India. Then if you want to protect your brand in India, the brand name registration with the logo is required. There are 2 ways to protect your Brand Registration online or Company Name in India – 

a) Private Limited Company or LLP Registration Way-

LLP is one of the most populous legal entities amongst the startups. LLP or private companies. It is one of the best features is that no one else can build the same name business once a name is listed under the private limited company. It means protecting the name of your business.

But there is uncertainty about how you can legally prohibit someone from selling or using your private limited company name. In such a case, you can go with the below option.

b) Trademark or Brand Registration Way

Registration of trademarks is one of India's most common means of protecting the brand or any trade name. You will cover your trademark and brand logo in the Brand Registration online.

In simple terms, these are benefits to secure the brand name as a trademark

1. Using TM on your Brand Name

2. You can give them legal notices if someone uses your brand name without your permission.

3. The domain name can be covered.

Check Brand Name Registration Online

Registration of the brand name can be easily checked online via the official site of the brand name. You can check out the trademark search procedure in India if you want to know more about the method for verifying the brand name registration.

Why your Business Name is So Important 

Your company name is going to be on everything you put out to the public. Business cards, stationery, and office forms must bear the name of the business. Your company name will be included in all advertising and marketing materials. The business name shall appear on all business training papers, such as Articles of the LLC Association or Articles of incorporation for a corporation. Business loans are given to a specific business that is listed in all loan documents.

Many businesses use their business name as their domain name for the company's website. The name of the business is registered with the locality and the state where the company is organized. If the business operates under another name, it must file a fictitious name ("doing business as"). The name of the business is given to all contracts and agreements entered into by the company.

What Business Name Registration Means 

The basic purpose of the registration of a business name is to apply your business name to your state so that it can be registered in their legal business name register. Registration of your business name is a good idea for two specific cases:

∙       If you're thinking about starting a company, but you're not yet sure what legal form you want, and you have a business name, register it. You can always change your mind later, but the registration process will save your name so that no one else can use it.

∙       If you are a sole proprietor, you can register your company name with the government as no one else has registered sole proprietorships.


Choose the path that deems feasible and yet profitable in the long run when you register your business. It is best to take expert assistance and render business professional services before making a call in this aspect. Again, you’ll need to identify what matters more for your brand in a longer run, your business name or the registered name? Make sure that none clashes with the other existing entities that may make your business vulnerable moving forward.

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.
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