Monday, December 11, 2023
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Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Whether you have a simple powder room or a full en suite bathroom, functionality remains the focal point of renovation or remodeling bathroom activities. The remodeling process is complex and needs a lot of courage, time, budget, and planning to get the desired results. 


There are various and sometimes unexpected factors that go into remodeling planning for a bathroom. Remodeling is not an easy and small project in terms of budget and time invested in it. Therefore, it is better to properly research and plan the remodeling beforehand to achieve the goals i.e better storage, improved lighting and drainage, and more to make sure the process stands the test of time.


To better achieve the desired benefits, remodeling should be done keeping in mind the most relevant aspects in mind. The article enlists the important areas that can work as the checklist for your bathroom renovation planning. 


Frequently clogged drains can be the major driving power for you to consider renovation of your bathroom. The amount of gunk, hair and other hygiene waste that goes down bathroom drains is unimaginable. 


Usually, the residential bathroom uses a 1.5-inch pipe in its plumbing system. The amount of gunk it has to deal with does not justify this size. So, if your system allows, it is better to change and upgrade the drain pipes to 2-inch. The cost required for pipe up-gradation is negligible, however, the benefit provided is worth praising. The wider the pipe will be, the easier it will be for the waste to move and the lesser will be the chances of drain clogging.


Lightning is another aspect to consider while planning the renovation of your bathroom. The change in lighting will surely provide you an imminent difference before and after the renovation. The recessed lighting feature throughout the ceiling of your bathroom can brighten up the whole room.


Including one or two lights in the shower area with a proper shower trim is also a good option. You can add a dimmer switch to your bathroom. This will enable you to set the lights according to the mood and requirements. 


Consider the extent and span you will be using the mirror of the bathroom and decide on whether to go for aesthetic lights or functional lights. The bright light fixtures are the best when you are planning to use the bathroom mirror as your make-up or shaving mirror. These lights will give you a proper idea about what you are doing close up and go a long way to help you in your grooming tasks. 

A Window In A Shower 

This fixture can be a great addition if done properly. Some aspects to consider when adding a window to the shower area includes ensuring the use of foster glass to maintain privacy. Preferably it should be the one that opens to let the fresh air in. Lastly, ensure that the area is jammed with stones so that the area becomes watertight. Make sure the handles of the window are made of plastic so they will not rust as moisture is a common thing in the shower area. 

Shower Floors.

The shower floors are supposed to be perfectly sloped so that the water won’t stand and the floor will not turn slippery. The larger tiles are often difficult to slope because the grout lines are further apart. Therefore use small tiles for the flooring of the shower area. The available options in the market are countless and if confused, do seek guidance from professional bathroom remodelers before buying the tiles. 

Drawer Storage 

Consider adding the vanity with drawer storage to your new bathroom rather than doors. Drawers are easy to access and organize. They can be shaped easily to round the plumbing and can also be in large size if you want to store large items. 

Shower Vs Tub

The whole renovation process is for you to gain more ease and benefits. If you want to upgrade your bathroom with modern bathtubs or a shower-only facility, it is better to consider your bathing habits. If you take quick showers daily then a shower-only option will be convenient and practical for you. If you are the one who enjoys long relaxing baths then a fully equipped and nicely placed bathtub will cover you up. So, renovate according to your needs and not only to increase the curb appeal or beauty of your bathroom.

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