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Things to Consider When Handling a Large Amount of Products on Your Site

Tougher than starting off an online business successfully is managing online business with a growing inventory. To keep your customers happy, you’re going to have to continuously expand in size and volume. This variety of products will create new opportunities to direct even more target consumers your way. But first, here are some things to consider when handling a large number of products on your site.


The moment you expand your portfolio, it means you’re dealing with new manufacturers. Dealing with many manufacturers and having a steady stream of different products means that things might get a little lax. Your number one rule is to make sure that it doesn’t. Quality checks need to be done on each product before being listed on the store if you intend on protecting your brand image. It’s the little slip-ups that can lead to a handful of negative reviews you can’t escape. ecommerce web development-BMH

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Your ecommerce web development needs to be able to support a clutter-free structure. Cluttered icons on a screen look rather unprofessional and won’t get you any new business. So when you’re deciding how these new products will fit into your site, also consider how it would look on a much smaller screen- a mobile phone. Ultimately, your space must be easy to navigate. Also, invest in categories and subcategories. For example Women’s Section with having the categories Dresses, which can have further subcategories like Maxi Dresses, Midi Dresses, Mini Dresses, etc. This gives your site some organization.

Three Click Rule

A popular rule, this means that the categorization and organization of the products are such that it should be a maximum of three clicks away from the home page. This, once again, makes it easier to navigate but also helps in improving your SEO score. The higher the score, the more weight your site has and it will show higher up on search rankings. To further improve this, make sure that the product page makes use of the right keywords and phrases to attract customers from search engine results.

Search Functions

When introducing a mass of new products don’t forget to make these changes to your search bar. Ideally, you should use the auto-completion feature where various products are suggested to the user and you should also a feature that handles typos and instead recommends the right one to the user.

Shipping And Pricing

Do not be vague about your shipping methods and pricing as this amongst the forefront of things the customers want to know.

Handling Out Of Stock

Catering to the masses also means running out of stock frequently. Don’t have your customers load up an error page or have them go through the whole payment process and refund it. Instead, make sure to have an ‘out of stock’ sign and even a ‘notify me’ feature for the customers who are eager enough to wait for it. These are the top things you’ll have to consider when handling masses of products in your inventory. Recommend For You: language translator services

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