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Things to Do After You Finish Pitching Ideas to Investors

You worked hard to ensure that potential investors will decide to spend money on you. It’s a waste of an opportunity if they agree to listen to your pitch and you blow it.

Weeks or even months ahead, you need to research the facts well. You need to study the market. You also have to talk to other people to find out if your ideas are great. 

However, once the presentation is over, you can’t turn back the clock. These are the things to do after you have already done what you can. 

Say thank you to the investors

Being given a chance to speak in front of investors is a huge deal. Not everyone agrees to come and listen. It means that your ideas are interesting or you have a positive reputation. Even if the final decision is negative, you should still be grateful. Besides, you probably learned a lot from the presentation that you could use in the future.

Evaluate your performance

While waiting for the results, you need to evaluate how well you did. You can ask yourself or your colleagues in the room. You might still face lots of investors in the future. Use your experience to be better. Identify the mistakes and correct them so you will sound more impressive the next time you present. 

Relax and treat yourself

You already did what you could do get the attention of the investors. After a long time of working on every detail, you deserve a rest. It doesn’t matter what the results are. You deserve to have time for yourself. A simple dinner to treat yourself would be enough. You can also take a few days off from work as you await the results. 

Think ahead

You still have time to hammer out your business plans. Whether or not the investors decide to spend money on you, it’s important for you to decide how to move forward. If you still don’t have quality marketing plans, it might be time to think about them. You could consider a digital signage kiosk if you think it might be useful in achieving your goals or in reaching your target market. You also need to determine how to manage your future expenses, especially if you still haven't found investors.

Keep looking for investors

Your battle isn’t over yet. You still have the chance to impress other investors. Therefore, you need to keep putting the word out there. Hopefully, you will find someone who believes in you and your ideas. It might not happen any time soon, but it could, in the future. Be positive and keep improving your plans. 

If the final results arrive and they're not what you expected, you shouldn't lose hope. Your colleagues might also feel bad. They look up to you, and they need you to be hopeful. If the results are positive, determine the next step so that your business will progress the way you hoped and not disappoint your investors.

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