Things to do Before Moving Checklist


Let's face it, and it's stressful to move. That's why we have built a moving epic checklist to help you keep track. With this 8-week printable moving checklist, you will be confident that everything will be done between now and the momentous day and that you have plenty of time to enjoy.

Every facet of your move is vital for you to plan. The good news? The good news? We have covered you. We have covered you. We're not going to lie - a lot has to be done to prepare. However, thank you for starting early and having an epic moveable checklist to keep you on top of your to-do list. Here are things to know before moving inventory.

Choose your children's school.

Do you need some support in the research department? Great Schools can help you decide for your area the best school.

Plan how to move fragile or uncommon objects like weapons, pianos, fine art, pool tables, safes, and boxes.

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The moving company you employ may not be able to move larger (or cheaper) objects. Therefore you may have to engage a mover for specialized applications. Make sure you know precisely what movers you hired are going to and won't move.

Request for your children transcripts for their new school from their current school

No matter how far you are moving, your child's new school will need them. Arrive ready so that your child(s) won't be left behind.

Read your movers' documents before you sign anything.

Find out what documents you receive in advance so that contracts do not terrify you. We can't emphasize enough; there's a reason why it's #4 on our list.

Create a "moving" digital folder on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Please take photos of quotations, receipts, and documents relating to your move on your phone and put them in an online storage system such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can't recall all the specifics, so put them in a paper for easy reference.

 Create a moving expenditures budget.

We know that you want to hire movers, get the new sectional and wine refrigerator, but you want priorities, correct.

Strategize the packaging process

Find a timeframe for the packaging procedure before boxing your items. Pack everything non-essential first. These include objects, such as literature, home decoration, and technology that will not be needed for the weeks leading up to the transfer. The crucial package is last. These include kitchenware, clothing, toiletries, and any other things you require on the moving checklist in the days before the relocation.

All memberships update

Are you a community organizer, fitness center, or club member? Update the owner at least 30 days before the freezing or cancelation of an account. Then, if you have not already done so, make sure that your membership ends or transfers.

Confirm Moving Company Date & Time

Call your moving business representative a month before the move to confirm their date and time of arrival. Don't forget to let them know about other logistics, such as the use of car parks and elevators.

Decide whether to use the equipment.

If you transfer your devices, schedule a service firm to your home to prepare all devices for the move before moving day.

Sell items that are carefully used.

Not sure whether your possessions in your new home will serve a purpose? It might be time for them to sell. From worn clothing to outmoded furniture, many shops welcome second-hand products with pleasure. You can also try to sell them via an online marketplace, like Craigslist or Facebook. Check here for the ten most incredible ways to sell your goods before moving.

Finally, the above are some of the essential things you need to check on the moving checklist to help you with your relocations.