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Things to do in Nepal

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Nepal is a combination of antiquated history, lively societies, and beautiful quality. Situated among China and India, Nepal's main topographical highlights include snow-topped peaks, lower mountains, slopes and rich Terai plains of tropical jungles. About 33% of the all out length of the Himalayas and 8 of the world's 14 most elevated peaks are in Nepal. The landlocked nation covers a territory 147,181 sq. kilometers ranging from 70 meters to the most elevated point at 8848 meters above ocean level. In this way, Nepal's prominence as a visitor destination has increased enormously throughout the years. While trekking and mountaineering have for quite some time been famous, a whole scope of different exercises is done. With the assortment of experience choices, the nation is a most loved among experience darlings.

Trekking in Nepal


Trekking in Nepal is decisions of wild scope of trekking bundles in Nepal Himalayas. Popular destinations to the Himalayas including world's most elevated mountain "Mount Everest" and several other Himalayan trekking destinations are contrast less and some other nations. Trekking in Nepal is combination of wild scope of untamed life, interminable nature and different societies with genuine and invited people groups. According to your wellness, time allotment and spending plan, you can pick your reasonable destination for your Trekking in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trekking is one of the most delightful just as the well known trekking voyage of Nepal. It is a mix of exciting mountain perspectives and Buddhist culture on the high desolate valley of the Khumbu region.

Annapurna base camp Trek

Annapurna base camp trek prevalent climbing goal of Annapurna region in Nepal, the ABC trek can join with Ghorepani poon slope. The trek starts from Pokhara valley, an astounding touristic spot in the entire Himalaya with marvelous perspectives on Annapurna.

Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang valley trekking prompts the astounding valley of icy masses. On the off chance that you were pondering about the presence of a spot where nature meets culture, at that point Langtang trek is the place you should be.

Upper Mustang Trek

Indeed, Upper Mustang is the last prohibited kingdom of Nepal. Upper Mustang Trek at long last takes you to Upper Mustang which is the remote trans-Himalayan town of Nepal. In a like way, trekking in Upper Mustang is an uncommon benefit.

Everest Gokyo Lakes Trek

Gokyo Lakes Trek is a magnificent experience adventure to investigate the supernatural appeal of marvelous chilly lakes among the Himalayas.

Tours in Nepal


Nepal is notable for its extraordinary Himalayan peaks, which reach out for nearly 500 miles along the housetop of the world. It isn't well known for the Himalayan peaks yet in addition it has remarkable sorts of culture, customary ways of life and a large number of sanctuary and religious communities. Every ethnic gathering of Nepalese has their own sort of traditions and celebration celebrating styles, which makes main fascination for each individual voyager. The scene of Nepal most likely the best scene in all around the globe. Where you can find different sorts of winged creatures, diverse kind of jeopardize wild creatures, verdure. The combination of nature and culture visit in Nepal makes you lifetime experience.

Peak Climbing


Nepal Peak climbing is a five star objective for Peak Climbing with in excess of 600 climbing and campaigns each year to Everest and various pinnacles coming about in view of an expanding omnipresence in endeavoring the colossal mountains close by the present opening of new peaks in Nepal as among the 14 most astounding tops on earth over 8000m, eight of these mountains are found in Nepal, a country without a doubt comprehended for its gigantic massifs and likewise troublesome trekking tops, among them is the outstanding Mt. Everest… the 'Guardian everything being equal'.

Rafting in Nepal


Nepal is among the best rafting destinations for Rafting and Kayaking. There are several streams in Nepal that are perpetual whose source lies in icy masses and snows of the Himalayas. The nation's rough topography, edges, slopes, mountains have made various outlets for streams, rivulets, cascades in this manner making it extraordinary compared to other auditorium for whitewater activities. Nepal is among the best rafting destinations for Rafting and Kayaking.

Bungee Jumping


Bungee jumping in Nepal, Nepal flaunts the second-most noteworthy bungee jumping site on the planet, at around 160 meters. Experience the rush of a hop over one of the quick flowing waterways in Nepal. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is arranged 160m over the wild Bhote Kosi stream, and found near the Nepal-Tibet outskirt, a three-hour transport ride from Kathmandu.



Paragliding in Nepal is rare action since Nepal is considered as the fifth most excellent and appropriate nation for paragliding, which supplements the great situation of Mountains, Lakes, slopes, timberlands, and settlements. Industrially in Nepal, Pokhara is the celebrated vacationer city where the fantasies of flyers work out. Alongside Pokhara, Paragliding is additionally accessible in Kathmandu at two spots till the date, Godavari and Shankharapur paragliding.

Mountain Biking


Maybe the rolling slopes of Nepal are the best destination for Mountain Biking on the planet. The mountain biking in Nepal is loaded up with rushes and experience that will take your breath away. Making it the one of your best occasion recollections, Mountain Bike Riding in Nepal will also offers the spectacular perspectives on Himalayan Ranges alongside the antiquated old conventional sanctuaries and Monasteries.

Jungle Safari


Jungle safari excursion is another famous action accessible in Nepal. The national parks situated in the gangetic level grounds of the southern Terai offer various legitimate encounters. Two of the national stops, for example, Chitwan and Bardia National Park are the perfect destinations for jungle safari exercises. They are the home to an incredible assortment of warm blooded creatures, reptiles and winged creatures. The previous is notable as the best saved protection having a fascinating scope of natural life roaming unreservedly.

Rock Climbing


Rock climbing day trek is another exciting experience action that you can involvement in Nepal. Nepal has different slopes and characteristic rock arrangements that make it a perfect spot for rock climbing exercises. Rock climbing is an interesting game where the climbers move here and there over the rock arrangements. The rock developments can be characteristic or fake that is uniquely worked for rock climbing reason.

Heli Tours


Nepal Helicopter Tour is getting step by step most prominent elective methods for experience venture in mountains and other remote destinations. It is constantly preferred by some gathering of individuals the individuals who are seeking for spending their time in heartland of Himalayan for short visit. Mainly individuals who don't possess adequate energy for trek and are not ready to climb long days in the remote territories. Helicopter visit permits parcels marvels of Himalayan and it is likewise considered as a most grand flight and safe one course.

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