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Things to do when you are locked out of your house

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One often gets into trouble due to forgetfulness. You accidentally forgot to pocket the key when you left the house so, now what? Do you know what the things that you should do?

          Being locked out of your house can be traumatic to people who especially left their children, pets, or their food in the oven. It can pose a considerable risk. You have to be prepared to face such cases of emergency and react swiftly and pro-actively. Fortunately, there are ways to get back inside your house, like calling an emergency locksmith Brisbane
is Australia’s third inhabited city has low levels of crime, but still, one can never be too careful about taking precautions.

What one should do if one gets Locked Out

1.    Ask for Help

2.   Call a locksmith

3.   Look for unlocked windows or doors

1. Ask for Help

Call your family, friends, or roommate, or anyone else who might have a key and let in. If you are in a rented home, call your landlord, they might have a spare key. If you reside in an apartment complex, drop in at the manager’s office. An identity proof might be a requirement to have access to your apartment. Be informed that some places charge a fee for lockout services.

2. Call a Locksmith

          Most often, when none of the other options work, the best option is to call an emergency locksmith. Brisbane has numerous centers that provide these services. They are on call 24/7 to help with home or vehicle lockouts.

 3. Look for Unfastened windows or doors

Unlocked doors and windows are invites to invaders, but they can also be a way to get one out during an emergency. It does not hurt to check all windows and doors to see if any of them are open.

 Remember to be cautious while entering through a window, look out for items on the floor, and do not lose your balance. 


If you can successfully unlock your door, you should call a locksmith because you have proved how easy it is to break into your home. You should upgrade your locks. Opt for more protective locks that are harder to manipulate.

Steps That Prevent a Lockout

Once the traumatic experience is over and you are safely inside, take precautions to be ready for the next time it happens.

Give a Spare Away

Prevent such situations from happening in the future by trusting a friend with a spare key. Preferably choose someone who is flexible with their availability and is an ideal choice for a quick rescue.


 Hide-a-Keys are ingenious devices to disguise your keys and hide them from plain sight. They could be outdoor keyholders in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are often disguised as decorative things or rocks. These are great hiding places for a spare key to the house, drawers, safe, etc. Ensure that they blend into the surrounding space but not too much lest you cannot find it.  


          Mistakes are inevitable, like forgetting the key. But doing the same mistake again cannot be termed a mistake, it is more of a careless attitude. Always have an emergency locksmith in your contacts to get help as soon as possible. Because sometimes a few minutes can all the difference. Be on extra guard if you have children as the possibility of them locking the door from inside your house or vehicle is higher. The emphasis should be on getting immediate help.

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