Things to Examine When Choosing Time Tracking Software



If you have an employee time tracker software, it will help you figure out exactly where your employees' time is going.  Such a digital tool enables you to keep track of every employee's activities, including their work hours, work schedule, project progress, and more. All this data is crucial, and you can use it when managing payroll, considering promotions, and managing shifts.

However, it is also crucial to note that every employee time tracker tool has a different set of features and pricing, which means that you need to choose the most suitable option for your business.

What Are Your Specific Needs?

You must consider your workflow and note down all the important features your time tracking software should have. Are you looking for the basics, or expect some unique features as well? 


Also, find out if you will be tracking time with your team. And double-check if tracking billable hours is crucial for your work.

Can the Software Track Time Across Different Devices?

If you have remote employees, team members out on site, or staff members working across the world, you may find it challenging to ensure constant time tracking.  Hence, you must look for cloud-based software that can track time across devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Moreover, look for a cloud-based system so that your entire team will be able to efficiently and accurately enter time, irrespective of where they are or what they are doing.  Similarly, everyone can have access to an updated cloud-based system from their preferred device.

Can You Customize Time Tracking Software?

The time tracking tool you use must be a better fit for your business because it ensures you don't need to optimize. 

Hence, look for an employee time tracking tool with most of the features you want for your business. For example, there are good time tracking software systems that have a payroll option that will simply apply the calculations with a few taps. 


Your budget will dictate the time tracker software you will pick. However, remember that you don't need to spend a lot of money on an effective and suitable solution. Just think about your current budget and what you want to pay for. 

Furthermore, some employee time tracker software charges more for extra users, so you might need to consider the number of active users on the software at a time. Some companies set a flat monthly or annually flat-rate, however, others set the cost based on the number of employees using it, and some sellers offer custom-pricing for the software. 

Do not miss to count the additional costs that you might face during the onboarding of new employees or the shifting of existing documentation, project data, and team schedules into the platform. 

Reporting and Analytics

Look for an employee time tracker platform that has robust reporting capabilities. The software must offer you a comprehensive reporting system and daily, monthly, or yearly reporting options. This way, you can speedily develop detailed summaries.

Moreover, please consider a time tracking software that generates visualized analyses in terms of charts and graphs for easy referencing.

The software Should have Timesheets

Timesheet handling is a crucial part of a time-tracking application. Software that permits you to divide timesheets by project is perfect because it makes the entire billing process easy. When you choose a solution, you must pay attention to its approval workflows.

Look for a system that allows you to quickly and conveniently approve or reject a timesheet. Also, there should be overtime control in the app that can make your tasks easier and save you money. 

Many applications offer overtime alerts to notify you whenever any of your employees are clocking over. Hence, you can avoid paying for expensive things over time in cases where it may not be essential.

Keeping Proper Track of Hours

You must select time tracker software that can show you hours worked in a diversity of ways, including:

  • By task 

  • By project

  • By employee

Once you can see hours per task, it permits you to manage work at a thorough level without interfering with employees.  For instance, you can easily find out which tasks appear to be behind your planned schedule. 

Once you can track time at the project level, you can see the big picture. You can measure the overall progress of employees and the performance of your project. 

Keep the points mentioned above in mind to choose an employee time tracker software that is easy to use and blends well with your business.

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