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Things To Expect When Moving To Nevada

Moving To Nevada

Are you planning to move to Nevada State? Here is a guide on what you can expect.


Nevada's unemployment rate is slightly higher than average, but it is still a hot market. Some of the fastest-growing jobs are things like machinists, industrial engineers, and electronic assemblers.

The highest paid jobs in the state include CEO, surgeon, psychiatrist, and judge.

There is plenty of opportunity for success here. The minimum wage is $8.25, which is one dollar above the federal minimum. 

Whether you are bringing a job with you or you plan to start over from scratch, the job scene is very active.  


Nevada has seen a lot of new construction of the years. Most current homes were built after the year 2000.

The prices are quite good. The average price of a home is $291,800. The average price of a rental is $1150 per month.

These rates are quite reasonable and should suit a lot of people. If you want something more modest, apartments go for an average of $1130 per month. This isn't much different from the rental price of houses, but the prices can vary a lot depending on the area.

If you shop around you should be able to find the right type of accommodation for your budget. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and night-life. You can expect to spend big if you come here with casinos open 24/7 and each one competing to outdo the others. 

This is a playground for adults. Every night there are shows and entertainment from dancing girls to magicians.

Las Vegas also has the majority of the world's biggest hotels. So there is no problem finding a place to stay. There are tourists everywhere and more come every day. 

There are actually more hotel rooms in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world.

Outdoor activities

There are many outdoor activities common to Nevada. Since it has both snow and desert, there are a wide variety of things to try. 

Locals enjoy activities like rock climbing, zip-lining, and camping. In the snowy areas, they like to ski and snowboard. 

There are also many car shows and races. If souped-up hot rods are your thing, you will find a home in Nevada.

Regardless of what your passion is, you will find plenty to do in Nevada's great outdoors. 


Nevada is very diverse, thanks in large part to all the tourists. You will find all kinds of people in Nevada, from all walks of life.

Native Nevadans can be very laid back. There is nothing they haven't seen, so nothing shocks them. For example, the Burning Man festival is an event that attracts over 60,000 people to celebrate counter-culture and express their artistic creativity. Many people show up in the nude, others show up in costumes. 

Nevada is also home to area 51. The military base where, apparently, an alien spacecraft is being kept by the government. Nevada is a place with a high rate of UFO sightings. 

Locals will warn you to watch out for men in black. Unknown government officials, or perhaps aliens, that will visit you in the night and tell you to keep quiet about what you have seen. 

Around 70% of the population speaks only English. Around 20% of the population speaks Spanish. They have an official holiday known as Nevada day that boasts parades that rival Mardi Gras. 

You will find all kinds of people in Nevada. There is something for everyone. 



One thing Nevada has in abundance is sunshine. There are over 300 sunny days each year. If you like warm weather then you will be in heaven.

Now, the sun does make the desert pretty hot. It is not everyone's cup of tea, so make sure you know what you are getting into. 

But, if the heat doesn't bother you, or you just love it, then you’re heading to the right place. There are plenty of things to do and plenty of people to meet. 

No income tax

One thing that a lot of people may be surprised by is that Nevada is a no income tax state. That means you don't have to report what you earn to the government. 

You read that right. There is nothing to report to the IRS. This makes Nevada a libertarian paradise. 

In fact, because of the huge revenue generated each year from the casinos and entertainment industry, the overall tax burden on the state is very low. 

So if you ever need to hide your wealth from loan sharks or angry exes, Nevada is the perfect place to hole up. 

Public intoxication

It is legal to be drunk in public in Nevada. That may be good or bad news, depending on your point of view.

If you consider yourself a party animal who can outdrink a room full of frat boys, then Nevada is the place for you. You can drink all hours in 24/7 bars and then stagger home at dawn to pass out in your driveway. Whatever works for you. 

If you are not a big drinker, you may be put off by your neighbor staggering home at dawn and passing out in their driveway. 

Either way, Nevada is easy going about this kind of thing. Unfortunately, driving while under the influence accounts for about 30% of road fatalities. Keep that in mind when you move there.

Crime rate

Nevada's crime rate is quite high. It has the second largest crime rate in the US. Violent crime stands at about 670 per 100,000 people.

Although Nevada is an easygoing state you will have to be careful. Assaults are the highest in the country per capita. 

With all that money floating around from gambling, there are bound to be robbers. 

Weird laws

One lesser-known thing about Nevada is that there are still a few weird laws on the books. For example, you can't ride a camel on the highway. Or how about this, in Reno, you are not allowed to put benches in the middle of the street. What caused that to become law?

If someone shoots your dog while on your property, you can legally hang them. This should be a law in every state. 

In Elko, anyone walking the streets must wear a mask. What could possibly be the explanation for that one?

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