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Things to Explore In Rome: The Eternal City

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The Italian capital Rome is known for its historical monuments, ancient ruins and UNESCO world heritage sites. This cultural and architectural display attracts tourists from every corner of the world making it third most popular destination in Europe.  Simply strolling through the lanes of Rome can be overwhelming and glimpses of magical European history can be cherished.

With around 3000 years of existence and a millennia-long reign, Rome put forth a cosmopolitan culture. The old-world charm and splendid architecture are the reasons it is considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world.


While few appreciate the architecture and cultural ruins, others want to reminisce the bygone era and its remnants.

No matter which category you belong to; here’s a checklist of a few things you should discover in Rome.

Vatican City

Vatican City - Headquarter of Roman Catholic Church, is one of the popular tourist destinations of Rome. It is a one day tour and covers many major tourist attractions and hence is a must-visit.


Major attractions: St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum, Vatican Garden, Sistine Chapel.


With the capacity to accommodate 50,000 individuals, this Flavian amphitheatre was one of the largest amphitheatres built at the time. Even with the damage caused by natural calamities like earthquake, Colosseum magnificently stands tall.

Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill is the centremost hill out of Seven Hills of Rome. Against the backdrop of lush greens and wildflowers, one can get a beautiful picturesque view of the city. Also, the Roman Forum is one stunning view since it is 40 metres above it.

It is one of the ancient most places of Rome and is considered to be the first home of demi-god Romulus and Remus- who supposedly founded Roam. 

Major attractions: Temple of Apollo Palatinus, Temple of Cybele, Lupercalia, and Secular games.

Piazza Navona

One of the popular squares of Navona could accommodate an approximate of 20,000 spectators in the event of various sports competition. Apart from a beautiful view, one can explore fountains, churches, palaces, cafes, restaurants etc. The squares are lively bustling with people from all around the world. It makes the place all the more interesting.

Few major piazzas to visit in Rome: Trastevere, Piazza di spagna, Piazza venezia, Piazza Della Rotunda, Piazza del popolo.

Major nearby attractions:

Trevi Fountain square, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Spanish Steps, Campo de' Fiori Market, The Italian Senate (Palazzo Madama).

In addition to its rich history and cultural contribution, Rome has much to offer for food lovers, shopaholics and party mongers. Rome has been home to some of the renowned fashion brands such as Valentino, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana. One can shop from high-fashion elegant clothing range or affordable range of apparels.

When in Rome, you can’t miss the Italian food, especially ones from local pizzerias. One is spoilt for options with so many options to choose from- Pasta, Rice balls, zucchini flowers, gelatos, Italian coffee etc.

It is a glance through the eternal city Rome narrating its popular most tourist attractions. However, if you are planning for a trip to Rome, look at Rome travel guide and make your bucket list. Visit and lose yourselves in the timeless, enchanting lanes of Rome.

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