Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Office Space in Netherlands


The Dutch are an industrious nation famous for their innovative thinking and business acumen. The Netherlands has an amazing startup scene, the country has smartly focused on flourishing the ecosystem by creating business-friendly policies and practices. Today some of the biggest startup conferences in the World are held in the Netherlands. 

The 2008 crisis global recession caused the global market to reposition itself to accommodate innovative and farsighted ideas to be realized as startups like Uber, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others quickly entered the Billion Dollar Valuations making way for a new category of businessmen called Entrepreneurs.

The Dutch Attraction:

The Dutch have once again used their brains better than most nations as they have perfected their business laws and system to ensure that most aspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe are attracted to the Netherlands. 

The country has structured a business process that helps startups to grow into a business through various financial aid programs as well as relaxations in the bureaucratic process. Europe has seen many companies shift their headquarters to Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany because of the increased attention these governments are paying to the global startup phenomenon. 

A unique characteristic of the Netherlands is the appreciation of humble origins and how the whole society works together to pool in their efforts to help out aspiring startups in their business endeavors.


European Union is a major contributor in this manner as it has connected the entirety of its 27 members states into a single ecosystem that helps alleviate the economic, political as well as social perspectives of the countries. 

An innovative measure by the Dutch Government called the EEN for enterprises and startups enticing many startups to shift their operations to the Netherlands. 

Your Location Matters A lot:

As a business location is of utmost importance in a country where you literally have a lot of places to choose from. You must be mindful of the infrastructure that is available in your preferred office location. A good option is to look for virtual offices in the Netherlands, these offices are found in various IT parks and special zones where you are provided with an office desk and address of your preference and you can manage your business on the go without worries of any operational costs. 

Negotiate Rentals and Mortgages:

In the Netherlands, the tax structure is complex for startups with various government bodies giving relaxations to businesses. Netherlands virtual office give you an easy way out if your startup is based on universities or high schools since you are bootstrapped on a budget it’s important to Dave your costs on office expense and work remotely while having a virtual address and a hot desk to forward queries to you. 

While there are many places you can opt for when selecting your virtual office address, you must remember to view the offices since you must know the actual cost which you are paying for instead of the quoted costs.

An important thing to keep in mind to become a member fo various associations and groups both public and non-governmental organizations.