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Things to Know About Bonaire Evaporative Cooling Service

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Bonaire is one of the leading heating and cooling brands in Australia. With 60 years of experience, Bonaire established a successful business in the world market, and they offer a wide range of heating and cooling solutions at an affordable range. Bonaire evaporative cooling services can save your power consumption cost while keeping your rooms cooler for long hours. If you find any issue with your old evaporating cooling system, then you can replace it with a Bonaire evaporating cooling system.

Bonaire cooling and heating systems are designed with premium quality material, and all Bonaire units are quality tested. You will easily find many dealers in your locality who provide such Bonaire heating and cooling units, and you can choose the best model for your home.

Why Choose Bonaire Evaporative Cooling Services?

Bonaire is a brand owned by Symphony Limited. Started in 1939, Symphony is one of the world leaders in the evaporating cooling industry. Bonaire evaporative cooling services are available in 60 countries and they have more than 30,000 retailers and distributors around the world. Bonaire evaporating systems are accredited by ISO9001, and they have some innovative heating and cooling solutions for different rooms. Apart from the domestic units, Bonaire offers evaporating cooling and heating services for commercial buildings also, and they have some complex HVAC systems for the same. Bonaire evaporative cooling services can help you save on your energy bills because they maximize energy efficiency thereby reduce operating costs. They can provide consistent heating and cool at a low cost.

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Bonaire Evaporative Cooling Services:

Bonaire offers a limited warranty on their evaporating cooling units and you do not need to pay anything for servicing or repairing your cooling unit within this warranty period. Afterward, if anything goes wrong with your evaporating units then you need to hire the best Bonaire evaporative cooling services. In summer, it is not possible to stay even for an hour in your room without a cooling system, and if you find any issue in your Bonaire evaporating cooler then you must choose a Bonaire evaporative cooling service on an emergency basis.

There are some companies available that provide services for multiple brands and they can provide Bonaire evaporative cooling services at an affordable price. No matter what issue you are facing or which Bonaire model you have, you can call them anytime to repair your evaporating cooling system.

Do you know that you can connect your Bonaire evaporating cooling system with solar panels? You can save your power consumption cost by connecting your cooling system with solar panels, and you can hire a reliable Bonaire evaporative cooling service for this installation.  There are different types of Bonaire evaporating cooling units available such as Bonaire Pinnacle, Bonaire Pinnacle Solar, Bonaire Integra II, and Bonaire Summer Breeze, and you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Types of Bonaire Evaporating Cooling System:

  • Bonaire Pinnacle: It is one of the latest evaporating coolers designed with motor cooler functional technologies. It can cover a large area and comprises various features. If you are looking for a ducted cooler, then you can try this Bonaire Pinnacle.
  • Bonaire Integra II: It is a cabinet style evaporating cooler designed with 120mm FiltercoolTM filter pads and an advanced Bonaire Aerowing fan. You can use it for your living rooms. 
  • Summer Breeze: If you want to change your old evaporating system then you can choose this evaporative cooler. You can install it with dropper ducts.
  • Bonaire Durango: It is a compact cooler that is portable also. You can use it anywhere as per your needs.

Before you hire a Bonaire evaporative cooling service, you must know your cooling unit and you should read the manual provided by Bonaire.

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