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Things to Know About Collagen Supplements

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the builder of your bones, skin, tendons and cartilage. Every connective tissue your body has collagen as its component. As a result, collagen is also one of the most abundantly present proteins in animals. Collagen is known as “the glue that keeps the body together”.

The Biochemistry of Collagen:

Collagen is a protein that the human body synthesizes. There are specialized cells that are responsible for triggering the mechanism of collagen production. These cells have prerequisites in the form of amino acids to begin synthesis. The enzyme collagenase breaks down the collagen that the body produces. Collagen synthesis slows down as your body ages. The breakdown of collagen, therefore, results in weaker joints and wrinkled and dry skin.

Collagen can be consumed externally in numerous ways. Historically, collagen was taken by south-east Asian women in their coffee or tea. In the 20th century, a trend of injecting collagen to plump lips and facial skin started, but the ill-effects of doing so were soon revealed. Today, collagen is taken as a part of everyday diet by millions around the world. The only disadvantage of oral consumption lies in the fact that your stomach can digest the collagen supplements before they start contributing to your body.

What Do Consuming Collagen Supplements Do to Your Body?

Collagen supplements provide the fibroblasts cells of your body with all the amino acids they require to produce collagen. After 25, this increased production is important to keep your body youthful.

Collagen supplements for joint, cartilage and skin rejuvenation are a popular choice amongst middle-aged people and for all the right reasons.

• Collagen reduces bone brittleness. It is one of the best treatment options for osteoarthritis, as it both strengthens the bones and repairs it. As the building block of bones, collagen is needed by your body all through your life to avoid quick degeneration of bones.

• Collagen makes up 75% of your body’s dry weight. This means that loss of collagen is visible on your face, nails, bones and even your hair. Dwindling collagen amounts can result in fine lines and wrinkles. Most people begin to get wrinkles in their late-20s. Hair breakage and nail brittleness are other common results of collagen deficiency. To maintain plump skin and healthy hair, collagen is extremely important.

• Collagen provides your veins and arteries with the structural integrity they need to function well. This prevents their collapse and blockage, which ultimately results in better heart health. Consumption of collagen supplements helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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Nowadays, numerous variants of collagen are available in the market. People buy fish collagen, plant-based collagen, and other animal-based collagen supplements. There are numerous ways to consume collagen supplements, which include taking them in meals or non-alcoholic beverages. Some people also prefer bone-broth and organ meats as a form of collagen. The advantage with supplements is that they are mostly flavourless and therefore, can be taken by people of all ages and preferences.

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