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Things to Know About New Types of Cyber Intelligence and Its Technology

The internet today is prone to several unnoticed threats and hazards that can lead to causing a number of problems for countries, businesses, and even individuals. Cyber intelligence is relatively a new field that has evolved to counter a number of such digital threats. These types of threats are related to stealing intellectual property, counter viruses, and denial of serviced attacks and even counteractive attacks on a person’s or corporation’s internet reputation.

In most of the most part, a large number of cyber intelligence experts have been engaged in working on many different types of cyber terrorism that is one of the most challenging threats today. To take an example, identity is one of the most common forms of attacks where a hacker gets into a person’s or a computer system of a company and steals crucial data and information. Similarly, viruses and other kinds of harmful scripts can be easily installed on networks or individual computers to simply cause havoc in the system. Apart from this, several business and government sites are probed and attacked routinely using the internet to try and seal critical information or simply have the fun of it

New Types of Cyber Intelligence

However, these days, there is a new type of cyber intelligence that is also taking shape in helping people or businesses counter attacks on their reputation. For instance, a number of companies are witnessing attacks from both internal and external sources – internal means employees and external means ex-employees. The threats can range from people divulging company-specific information to people who threaten and carry out physical attacks. They are, no doubt the dark side of the internet. In such cases, cyber specialists, private investigative perform the role of ‘who’ and ‘how to stop it’ and then even ‘how to clear-out the subsequent reputation mess’ online.

As an example, assume that you are a business owner. And your business has been unkindly attacked to the point of even accusing key company employees of prostitution or other deviant activities. In this case, you need to remember that just because you read it online, it does not make it correct. If you are inside that company and have faced attack, what will you do?

There are many people who respond that they would get in touch with their lawyer, which is a great first step. But what most layers will be telling you is that it is nearly not possible to catch the ‘internet culprit.’ This is where you will need the help of cyber intelligence or a cyber-investigator as they can actually help you. Typically working in coordination with a lawyer, the investigation office will help identify the attacker and provider physical proof necessary. He or she can even help restore your online reputation when done.

Technology Used for Cyber Security

There are many private companies that provide cyber security solution. They have advanced technologies and tools with the help of which they acquire multiple data formats and protocols that cover the widest gambit of sensor platforms for both structured and unstructured data. They can ensure a unified view. In most of the cases, their system is driven by an analytical engine, which is further powered by Machine Learning algorithms. These algorithms can provide services, including

  • Speech recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • behavioral analytics

Powerful big data storage platform can utilize scalability and high availability without negotiating on performance. Some of the tools or products used by these private companies are satellite monitoring tool, submarine, and terrestrial cable monitoring technology, GSM monitoring tool, Wi-Fi monitoring technology, and lawful interception. The company that deals in a technology-driven service company can help customers develop a range of preventive measures. These measures include data mining to discover concealed relationships in large amounts of data. They evaluate information across several periods using retrospective crime trends, locations, economic factors, and other events.  The eventual result is distinctive. It indicates pockets that are highly exposed to crime, making it probable to proactively set up resources to counter emerging threats.

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