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Things To Know About Slip And Fall Accidents To Win The Premise Liability Claim

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What are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Ever slipped on a banana peel or saw someone becoming subject to such cruelty of nature? If you have then let us tell you that and slip and falls are equally and in fact more painful than this.

There are a number of reasons behind these unfortunate occurrences but one thing is for sure, that when it happens to someone, they leave a pretty bad impact that could be short term or long term if an injury occurs.

Slip and fall accidents are a term given to such accidents in which people slip or fall on someone else’s property and as a result, become injured.

Such accidents are so common that according to a report by NFSI, one of the leading causes of ER visits is slip and fall accidents.

These accidents are not to be taken lightly as there is a proper legal system to address such issues for a liability claim. Yes, that is right! you can claim for liability from the owner of that property on which you suffered a tripping accident.

How to deal with Slip and Fall accidents?

Many times you trip pretty badly and yet do not immediately experience an injury but this should not mean that you can ignore it.

The first thing you should do after such an accident is to get a medical checkup and treatment. Then, remember that this fall on someone else’s property that resulted in your injury is a liability on the property owner.

Therefore you can go for a personal injury claim that comes with premise liability. For that, you will have to get in touch with the best law firms. The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian should be your first choice if you really want that claim.

After getting the attorneys on your case, now you should just leave the rest to them and rest.

What are the common causes of Slip and Fall accidents?

Sometimes you can slip because of your own mistake but usually, there is some external reason that causes you to fall. That reason could be the uneven surface of the property that is left without any warning signs, recently waxed floor, potholes, loose floorboard especially of stairs, spilled water, or any other liquid, grease, oil, and unsalted ice.

Other conditions include trash on the floor, glare caused by bright light creates a gleaming reflection on the floor, not enough lighting to make any obstacle visible, cords running across the surface, sudden change of surface like floor to carpet, etc.

Slip and falls can happen because of hundreds of reasons and can happen in places like stores, parking lots, restaurants, garages, homes, and public areas.

However, claiming compensation for slip and fall accidents in any public area can be a bit difficult as the government agency would be involved. Yet, it is not impossible, especially when your case is handled by experienced lawyers. So, get connected with a good lawyer immediately after getting m

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