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Things to Know about the Deleted Files before They are Recovered

Mac hard disk recovery is a simple way to recover the deleted data from Macbook. But above all, are you curious how the data can be simply back even if they have been permanently deleted? Here is the explanation.

When you are deleting the files, they are actually not completely deleted. The files are still in the hard disk even when you have deleted them in the Trash folder. That’s why; you indeed need to be really careful with your data whether they are deleted or not. It is possible for anyone else to do the Mac hard disk recovery and then copy or launch them without your acknowledge.

What happens when you delete the files?

Mac OS and any other operating systems are basically able to track the files in the hard disk along with the folders. When you delete the file, the OS only deletes the pointers and signs of the sectors containing the files. From the perspective of the file system, the file indeed has disappeared from the hard disk. Then, the sector is now considered the free space. That’s why the Mac hard drive recovery is possible.

So, before the OS writes the new data in the sector, it means that the files are still possible to be recovered. A kind of software to recover data from Mac hard drive has the ability to scan the hard disk to detect the files. Sure, it means that there is another file written in it, even the most accurate and sophisticated software cannot bring the files back. Or, it is possible to recover them but not completely.

Why does it need a long time to write the other files?

Compared to writing down the new files, deleting them is much faster. The answer is quite simple actually. It is always faster and easier if you delete even 10 GB of files. It only needs some minutes just like when you want to copy them to the other hard disk partition.

On the other hand, when you bring some new files, they are indeed simply copied and pasted to the space available but it needs time to write them completely. Sure, it depends on the types of files. Meanwhile, if you don’t bring the new files to the space of the deleted files before, there is a big chance that the sector will never be written with the new ones. This way, the chance of you finding your old files is getting bigger. Then, the chance to recover files from Mac hard drive is getting higher.

However, the writing process above works in the internal hard drive only. For the external ones, particularly the flash disk or memory card, it is a little bit different. The deleted files tend to be completely deleted faster without waiting for the new files to come and be written. That’s why; the deleted files from the external memory tend to be more difficult to recover data from Mac hard drive although there is still any possibility.

How to recover the deleted files?

It is so good if you realize sooner that you need the files so that they can just be recovered faster. Unfortunately, it indeed needs several times to realize that the files are actually still important for you. To avoid any bad fortune later, the easiest thing to do is not directly bring the new files to that space in which the files are just recently deleted. You can make a certain folder or the likes to avoid the new data are written by the operating system.

Next, you are also suggested not to use the hard disk too often. It is important also to differentiate the disk for the common files and for the apps. The apps tend to write the new data continuously when they are used and opened. Therefore, the sectors where they are installed tend to be full faster. This way the Mac hard drive recovery is easier to be done.

Lastly, you should also provide a kind of special software that is functioned to recover files from Mac hard drive. Like what has been mentioned above, it must be installed in a special partition that is not along with the other files to avoid the data overwrite. The software must also be trusted enough as it has the ability to detect the remaining of the deleted files before it has been stacked up by the other data.

It is a very good idea for sure to install a kind of Mac hard disk recovery software to your computer. But make sure to consider some matters that have been explained above. This way, the best Mac data recovery software can work more effectively in finding the deleted files.

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