Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Things To Know About Urea Fertilizers

It is a fact that the majority of the population of India depends upon the income that is generated from the agricultural sector. The whole process of agricultural activities depends upon the land and its fertility of the soil. Various methods are being used to increase and even maintain the good health of the soil. Nowadays technology has become so fast that many chemical-based fertilizers came into the market. But all these chemicals were providing a negative impact on the health of not only soils but also humans. So it is better to shift to organic fertilizers like urea that are highly beneficial for soil and their results are far better and long-lasting than chemical-based fertilizers. You will easily find many urea suppliers near you; select the best quality of it for your land. 

Urea or we can call it carbamide, is an organic component that helps in increasing the content of nitrogen in the soil. There are various other important things about this compound. Let’s have a look at them.


  • This compound was founded by a German chemist named Friedrich Wohler in the year 1828. Before its foundation, to increase the level of nitrogen in the soil organic sources were used like urine, manure, compost, or night soil. No doubt once it came into the market, it has become the most famous fertilizer among farmers all over the world. Many other synthetic compounds also came into the market but none of them was not as successful as this was. So it can be stated that urea is not the only source to increase the nitrogen content but it is very popular among all.
  • For the use of urea, it is very important to know how to use it. Urea has some common impurities like biuret that can breakdown in the soil and can be there for a very long time and also make it toxic. It is well stated that excess of everything is bad for health. So is in the case of urea as so much nitrogen in the soil can burn crops or can obstruct seed germination.
  • The soil already has some ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in it. In the first step when nitrogen of urea comes in contact with it. There are chances this can lead to the process of nitrification and in this way both ammonia and nitrogen are quickly absorbed by the plants.
  • The health of the plants does not depend upon the quantity of urea used but depends upon the quality of urea used. So if you want that your crops must be grown appropriately, use the best quality urea and also as per the direction given on the packaging. Excessive use will not only damage crops but will also harm the environment.

So these are some points of information about the popular organic compound urea. You can easily get it from the urea fertilizer wholesalers at very affordable prices. For the health of your soil, these organic fertilizers play a very important role. 

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