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Things to Know Before Launching an App

The launch is the crown of your and your employees’ efforts - you envisioned an idea and made it a reality (albeit a digital) and naturally you wish to revel in its success. However, if you just launch it without strategically creating pomp around it, you cannot hope for people to take notice of it. For that reason, here are a few tricks you need to consider that might help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Your audience as the starting point

Before you take any steps, you need to ensure you know who your app is intended for. None of the strategies you can come up with will make any sense or be efficient if they aren’t targeting your audience in the right way. Always remember that the end-users of the app are the ones whose needs you need to cater to.

So, take a hard look at your product and think about the qualities it has and who could benefit from them the most. Is it an app that can help people in everyday life or something that can be put to better use by an employee in a particular industry? Once you can answer these questions with certainty, you are ready to take more concrete steps towards launching your app with success.

Learn from your competition

One thing you need to be aware of is that your app is just one of the many that will see the light of the day this year and even this month. The trick is to stand out in the sea of apps or otherwise, your app will blend in the background and you would have wasted many resources on it. 

The only manner to come up with a solution to stand out is to examine your competition and learn from them. Research those that have launched similar apps and observe whether something could have been done better. If a particular promotional strategy has been successful for them, it is worth improving for your particular app launch. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired by some good strategic moves and taking them to the next level in order to stand out.  

It is the details that matter

There are other ways to ensure your app is eye-catching besides researching your competition. For instance, you can start with the name of the app - to make it pop, you need to think of something catchy but again, something that people would search for. Play with words, give it some time until you come up with the right combination.

In addition to an attractive name, you also need to think about the visual identity, including the icons. What’s special about icons is that the best ones are simple enough to be understood instantly but complex enough to contain the main characteristic of what they represent which is why most companies rely on professionals to tend to them. For example, the effectiveness of the Infostarters icon design that was tailor-made for Reportz lies in telling the complete story behind the tool via simple icons – simple but effective.

Use social media to create a buzz

As we are all aware, social media have become an inevitable part of our lives, both in the personal and professional sense. In 2018, around 2.65 billion people were active across different social networks and this number is predicted to rise to about 3.1 billion in 2021 - if you are not using this force, your business is seriously missing out.

This is why you need to include social media platforms in the promotion of your app launch because this is how you will raise awareness and get people talking about your app even before the launch. This will create excitement and prepare people for the app so that once it launches, you will be able to sit back and reap the fruits of your labor. Naturally, you don’t need to be active on every social network but instead, chose the ones your audience visits most often.

Decide on a release date

This step sounds logical - well, of course, you have to come up with a launch date. However, once you get into it, you will see that setting it precisely is not as easy as it may seem. The thing is, to be able to promote it, you need to determine the exact date, which is something you need to rely on your developers.

You would probably want to launch it as soon as they say it is finished but you first need to make sure everything runs as it should. Additionally, when setting a date, you need to keep in mind what else is scheduled for that date because if another important event from your industry is taking place, your launch will not take full advantage of the overall excitement. 

Over to you

Although many hasty and inexperienced entrepreneurs believe that the quality of the app speaks for itself, the truth is, the app will not find its way to the user if you don’t accentuate the launch. Let your developers ensure the quality, while you work with the marketing team on the presentation and with this combination, the app will achieve great success.

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