Things to know before you move to London Ontario


Ontario is a place that has a lot of diversity. It is the new york of Canada and a fantastic city as it is the safest city in the western hemisphere. It is located in eastern central Canada and is one of the most populous provinces of Canada. Around 12 million people call this city their home. It is the second-largest province in Canada, having the national city as Ottawa and the nation’s populous city Toronto too.

Ontario shares a border with the United States to the south, James and Hudson Bay to the north, Quebec to the east, and Manitoba to the west. The boundary extends to 2700 kilometers. It is a beautiful city to live in, and one would love being a citizen here as it is home to many attractions and a high quality of education system.

How much would it cost to live in London, Ontario?

Ontario is known for its cleanliness, various high-quality public services, and safety. Moving to London, Ontario is one of the best choices as more than half of the immigrants to Canada choose Ontario to live in. However, Ontario is known for its high cost of living. Still, if you earn here, it is one of the cities that give the highest salaries to its employees. The minimum wage is $11, which brings justice to the high taxes and the high living costs here. The pay is good enough for the citizens to enjoy a high standard of living in Ontario.

What is the economy of London, Ontario?


Ontario is the center of many activities in Canada. It is the hub for many social, political, and economic opportunities. Also, it has a diverse economy with significant revenue generated from the automobile, electrical parts, and machinery. Cars like Ford and Honda are manufactured in Ontario. Ontario alone provides export of minerals and metal to the countries around the world. The southern part of Ontario has fertile soil resulting in the successful production of various fruit and grain farming. Also, Ontario has many rivers opening the room for the hydroelectric energy field. The country’s electricity also originates from this energy. 

How are the people of Ontario?

Ontario is home to many cultures. People from around the world live here and welcome every other nation that comes to live here. Around 100 languages are spoken in Ontario. However, 70 percent of the population speaks English making it easy for you to adjust well and quickly because of having no hurdles while communicating with the people around you.

From education to your social life, one can enjoy anything and everything when living in Ontario. The education from Kindergarten to the end of secondary school is government funded here. It has one of the top-notch quality of university education. Not only that, but Ontario also has many attractions such as Niagara Falls, Lakeside Park, and the Canadian War Museum. Furthermore, there are many recreational opportunities for the citizens here, such as fishing, hiking, fishing Etc.