Things to know of Before Using Makita Combo Kit


Makita is a well-known company involved in the production and marketing of cordless tools and toolkits. These appliances are available in single pieces as well as in the form of a kit which contains almost all of the basic tools we require when we are doing some work related to that. The company pays its utmost attention in using the latest technology available for the tools so that the tools can work and give service up to their best.

Nowadays, cordless tools are much more popular and gaining wide acceptance because they do not need to have wires or any kind of connections. Only a battery and a charger are enough for their proper functioning.

Many different types of Makita toolkits are prepared by the company, and it is not that relevant to note all of them one by one. If someone wants to purchase a Makita Combo Kit, then the best suggestion would be - 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Pc Combo Kit.

Tools And Advantages Associated With A Makita Combo Kit 

#1. They have a Circular Saw that provides nearly 1400RPM and has a cutting capacity of nearly 1" for cutting many applications, which is actually a very good combination in this task.

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#2. The Makita Combo Kit also contains an LED flashlight, which when charged once fully can deliver light for up to nine hours, which determines its efficiency to work.

#3. The Makita Combo Kit also comes with a Makita battery and its specified charger. The charger here is conveniently marked with an Energy Star Label, which is mandatory for meeting the strict energy guidelines. This battery specifically is designed so that it provides the lower self-discharging ability, and hence gives a greater running time.

#4. In general, the warranty period of the tools in the kit is also good. A three-year period warranty is given on all the tools. The battery, charger and the flashlight especially have a warranty period of one year.
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#5. This Combo Kit also has a Lithium-Ion battery. A Carbide Tipped Blade 20T also comes together with the tool case, which has a significance of its own as well.

Since the Makita Combo kit contains appliances that are cordless, it allows the owner to take them easily wherever it is possible. The charger of the battery and the tools have been rated as being energy-efficient very much. Thus, this is cost-effective in its own way. The Lithium batteries have the ability to almost run as long as we want, but on the condition that they are charged properly. They are much better than standard batteries. The thought about the loss of power is also saved because they have their own lower self-discharge mode. So basically, in one charge, almost all of the work is done.

Some of the tools in the Makita Combo Kit, like the "Cordless Drill", offer two types of speeds, like 350RPM to 1300RPM, so that it gives us the choice whether we want to use it as a drilling machine, or as an accurate screwdriver. The Torque model can be adjusted according to the needs of the owner, up to about 800 in. lbs. this allows the owner to get much more efficient high power for low money, and also the speeds can be considerably varied by the worker as per his understanding of what speed will be better for which work.

So, as a whole, the Makita Combo Kit is a great combination of efficient tools in purpose, and people should go for it if they plan any advancement in that field.