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Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer? Key Things to Know

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You don’t need a lawyer when you are applying for an immigrant visa or a green card in the US. However, there are numerous situations when you are going to need a lawyer’s help. The immigration laws are complicated when you have a family immigration lawyer in Miami things will be smooth for you:

Do You Know Which Visa Option Is The Best?

If you are planning family immigration, then you should know which visa option is the best for you. As a married person, you might have a choice of entering the US visa with an immigrant visa which will give you the immediate right to a green card. You may also apply for a K-3 visa which allows entry to use for a green card through the adjustment of status. However, it all depends on the government processing times.

Do You Want To Hire Workers From Foreign Country?

If you own a business, you may not want to spend time on getting mired with the immigration law. For instance, you are planning to sponsor a worker for the green card, and it will require completing the labor certification process. You may be expected to place the advertisement for the job. It is complicated as only certain types of ads are acceptable. The ads should contain specific language, and then some deadlines and time-frames are involved.

You may find it challenging to understand how to complete the required form. There is hardly any room for even the smallest mistake when you are completing the Form 9089. Also if there is a slightest of error in the details furnished, it may lead to denial of visa.

There Are Immigration Court Proceedings Against You!

Have you ever been in immigration court deportation proceedings? You should immediately see an immigration lawyer. If your proceedings are not finished, the entire immigration situation is in the power of the court, and you may not get anywhere while trying to use the same application procedure. Even if your proceedings are over you should ask a lawyer to see whether the outcome affects the current application.

Are You Inadmissible?

The most common issue that’s encountered by the would-be immigrants is the claim that they could not be given a visa. The possible examples include having committed a crime you might have been denied permission earlier as well.

Do You Find Paperwork Too Much?

Even of the simplest of the US immigration application involves filling out some forms, you will be asked to follow detailed instructions about gathering and including the paperwork and the fee. If you make a mistake, the application may be rejected, may get delayed and eventually rejected. But the immigration lawyers have dealt with this paperwork numerous times before and have the knowledge and the systems to prepare the applications. This hiring the lawyers can bring a lot of peace of mind.

In the End

When you hire a family immigration lawyer in Miami, you can expect the desired results timely!

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