Things to look for in a realtor


According to First Class Real Estate located in the Miami Florida area, a realtor is probably the most vital person in your home buying journey after you. Hence, choosing the right one plays a big role in the home buying or selling journey.

Some traits can decide whether the realtor is the one for you or not. We have collected few things you must look for in a realtor before finalizing the deal. Those who're interested, let's start reading.


The first thing one should look for in a realtor is experience. Like any other field, an experienced realtor can bring a big change in the whole scenario of home buying and selling. So, experience is probably the most crucial characteristic you must search for in a realtor.

If you meet a realtor with years of experience, it does not mean that he is the one you are looking for. As a human being, the realtor is bound to have both good and bad experiences of handling cases. But you must hire the one whose success ratio easily beats the defeat ratio.

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Properly licensed and certified:

Hiring a realtor without a legal license is not a great choice. As a wise person, you must ask your realtor to show his license during the first interview session. If your chosen realtor has a solid license and identity proof, he will show you without hesitation.

Another thing you should know about realtors is that not all real estate agents are called a realtor. Only the agent who has a NAR certificate can be a realtor. However, if the realtor works under someone else's license, which is pretty normal in this field, he will get scared and negotiate to show the license. So, make these points clear and find the competent one.

Although many realtors do not like to share this kind of detail with customers, you should ask this question at least once. A realtor may deal with more than one or two cases at a time. But, in case the number is more than your thought, you can reject them. When a realtor takes multiple cases at a time, it becomes absurd for them to focus on one specific case. Therefore, there is a high chance your case can get ignored, and it becomes troublesome and unethical. On the other hand, if the realtor is dealing with only one case, maybe he is not that competent. So, go for the one who has few cases in hand so that you can get special consideration and attention.

Listening skill:

A good realtor always listens to his client's demands without interrupting the conversation. You can expect good listening skills from a good realtor indeed.
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But, the one who always stops his clients from discussing things and giving their point of view is not a team player.

Once you enter a realtor's office, he must give you the time to introduce you and ask few questions rather than start sharing his ideas and blabbering about his experiences.

Satisfied clients:

As a good realtor, having lots of happy and satisfied customers is a considerable thing you must look for in a realtor. Generally, new customers often ask for former customer references to the realtor on the first visit. Once you get the references, you should always contact the customers at your early convenience.

If you receive positive feedback from almost all of them, you can hire a realtor. But, in case most of the feedback you get is negative, consider it as a red flag and dump the realtor.

Good personality traits:

As an adviser and supervisor, an agent must be honest, loyal, polite, and trustworthy. It can get confounded to deal with a huge situation with a realtor who does not have these traits.

The realtor must be reliable. You have to be comfortable with your agent while sharing private details, your purposes, etc. Similarly, the realtor must listen to you rather than forcefully injecting his judgments on you. The agent has to be honest with the market price and other perceptive details as well. Lastly, your chosen realtor should always support and motivate you.

Fees structure:

The overall expense plays a huge role, especially in these matters. So, it would be better to get clear about the overall fee structure from the beginning.

As per this Haiti Open magazine article on, you can consult multiple realtors to understand their fee structure in detail. Additionally, if you sell a house, you have to pay around six percent of the selling price. In case an agent demands any upfront value, reject the realtor.


Now, when you know the things, you have to look for in a realtor, hopefully, you will find the perfect one soon. Take your time, visit multiple realtors, and then only select one. Good luck!