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Things To Place Right on An eCommerce Site

Things To Place Right on An eCommerce Site

Website logo, product pages or the headers? Which is the most glam part of an eCommerce website design? But, Wait! There are many other valuable elements in a site that are meant for selling things. There are some fixed things that the visitors first want to see when they land on a site.

Surely, there is no particular way or designing option to assure that your eCommerce site will be the most catchy one and persuade customers in every way to buy things from it. However, the thing can be possible to a certain extent with Magento custom development. GetAProgrammer houses a team of expert Magento developers who have a clear understanding of the platform and know how to use it to make the site competent, captivating and at the same time conversion-oriented.

Below, walk through the core elements of an eCommerce website site and how to fix them right using Magneto for achieving conversion goals.

Products presentation

The only thing customers seek for and look in your site is the products. So, you need to get right is the product pages. The perfect way is to showcase your products is conveying the breadth of the products, by putting high-definition images, elaborative descriptions, other sizes or colour variations.

Right dropdowns

Getting the dropdowns for product categories is essential.  If customers do not find the particular product category they want, they will immediately leave no matter that is available under the general category. Thus, get the dropdowns appropriate so that visitors can get what they need with minimum clicks. Use of “Mega Menus” is a good idea as they give out one dropdown but shows many product options under categories and subcategories.

Direct link to the cart

Even if your product page is alright and persuaded one to buy, what can hamper the decision of buyers is not being able to find the option to add it to cart. Thus, eCommerce retailers must link their product page to the shopping cart directly with a clear CTA (Call-to-Action) button and let buyers direct it from the header.

Account sign in

Allowing the users to sign-in in few simple steps will be a major plus for your site as online buyers are mostly impatient beings. Further, if you able them to do so by incorporating account sign-in into the header, it would be a win-win situation for you.

Search bar

It’s the most vital element in an eCommerce site and so features revolving it should be such that even a those who are first using web can find out what they are looking for. Search bar should be made as findable as possible so that who do not have a strong idea of the product can get it too. Enable your search box to pop-up product suggestions as a visitor types, rectify typing errors, provide suggestions with relevant keywords.

That’s it! The main job of the website creators, whichever platform they use, is to make the above elements perfect so that visitors can navigate across smoothly and buy with minimal clicks. With expert developers and custom approach, we hope these will help retail owners to have perfect website to get the potential buyers.