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Things to Remember When Selecting Promotional USB Flash Drives

Personalized USB flash sticks in Australia

Businesses, irrespective of their size, need to find unique and attractive ways of promoting their business. In recent times, people are making use of USB flash drives for promotion because they are effective and popular promotional tools in the market. Because of their sudden popularity, suppliers are providing them to businesses in bulk.

Personalized USB flash sticks in Australia are available in many different styles, storage capacities, sizes, shapes, and quality level. Before a business owner just rushes into a decision of buying these drives, it is essential to keep certain factors in mind. These factors are going to help the person make an informed decision, which will serve value for money.


When it comes to any product, quality should be the factor that needs to be considered in the beginning. And if a company plans on promoting their business, keeping the quality of the flash drives is the utmost need. Many suppliers in the market provide low-quality products and stain away from them while making a deal is vital.

If a company gives out products that are low in quality for promotion, it would only disappoint the customer and hurt the brand image. Therefore, there are a few criteria to follow when assessing the quality of the product. They are mentioned below –

  • Memory Chip’s Quality – Memory is available in different grades, especially when it comes to data-retention capabilities and reading and writing speeds. It is essential to make sure that the supplier only uses grade-A memory from well-known companies. Suppliers that offer a very low price shouldn’t be trusted. They may be the ones using recycled, low quality, or low-speed components.
  • Plastic vs. Metal Loop – The end of the flash drive would be better if it is made of metal rather than plastic, especially for people who wish to attach the product to a key bunch. If it is plastic, the chance of breakage will be high.
  • The Cap’s Fitting – Many models are known to have poorly fitting or loose caps, which can sometimes be very annoying.
  • Print Quality – With the help of a quality control scratch test, one will be able to determine the quality of the prints. In case the print flakes off, it means that the print quality is terrible.
  • Certification – There is a specific certification that these products need. If the suppliers provide products with the certification, it means the product is of higher reliability and quality.

Quick Delivery

It is another factor that needs to be kept in mind when looking for Personalized USB flash sticks Australia. Many suppliers are known for having their manufacturing facilities, which guarantee a turnaround time that would be of 7 days or less since the delivery confirmation was made.


As mentioned earlier, these flash drives can come in a wide range of styles and designs. These efforts are made to suit the marketing purpose and taste of the people. Some of the popular options include Lanyards, Pens, Wristbands, USB cards, USB sticks, and so on. Keeping the needs of the company in mind, the company owner must select an appropriate design.

Engraving and Logo Printing Option

There are many ways of engraving and logo printing. Some of them are Laser Engraving, Photo Printing, and Screen Printing. Every method is known to be suited for particular products materials or types. These things should be kept in mind before making the final decision.

Storage Capacity

The last factor that needs attention would be the storage capacity. USB drives are known to have incredible storage capacities. When selecting a particular type of USB drive, keeping this aspect in mind will be useful in enhancing the customer experience.

These are some of the factors that will help company owners make an informed decision regarding their promotional item. Keep them in mind for enhancing the brand image.

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