Things We Need to Know About Various Automatic Transmission Problems


An automatic transmission is a difficult and complicated system that you will find in the vehicle. The regular care that you offer for a car will not be enough for the automatic transmission system. It needs special care and attention so it can last for a long time. There are so many people out there who are unaware that the automatic transmission problems can cost them more amount than the regular engine replacement. Yeah, it will be a costly affair that you cannot afford under any circumstance. That is the reason you have to know about the different types of automatic transmission problems that one’s vehicle can face.

In this article, we will list some of the most common transmission problems that you may find in your vehicle. This way you will know when there is a problem with your vehicle.

Types of Automatic Transmission Problems:

Any Sensation While Shifting From Gear to Gear

An automatic transmission is there in a vehicle to make a smooth shifting from one gear to another. The entire process will go without letting you know that you have shifted the gears of your vehicle. However, if you find some issues with shifting like some grinding, shaking, or slipping sensation while changing the gears, then you have an issue with your car. It is important to pay attention to this problem because the automatic transmission problems will get worse with time and that is not a risk that you should take.


Delay in Engagement

When you are trying to reverse your car, is it responding immediately, or is taking time to respond? Now, this is the foremost important question that you have to ask for yourself. The delay in engagement can be caused for multiple problems starting from fluid issues to the internal computer system faults. The reasons include the automatic transmission problems, so you need to get this problem sorted before it burns a hole in your pocket.

Burning Smell

The one thing that you have to always keep looking out for is the burning smell in your car. Your car shouldn’t emit that smell and if it does, then you have to get professional help to solve automatic transmission problems. In most cases, the burning smell comes because of the fuel present in the automatic transmission system. This fuel is important to run the entire system, and you have to keep looking out for that all the time. It lubricates the parts and makes them work effectively. When you find any burning smell in the car, then it is mostly concerned with the overheating fluid only.

This can affect the entire automatic transmission system causing it to breakdown completely and now that is something that you don’t want to happen. So, get your car checked whenever you find this burning smell in it.

Fluid Leakage

Have you observed a thick red fluid in your driveway? Then you are possibly looking at the transmission fuel. Usually, the transmission fluid is designed in such a way that it never leaks but if it does, then you are in for a serious problem that needs immediate solution from you. Make sure to check the amount of transmission oil present in your engine and if you find it lower than the normal amount, then it is time for you to get the issue checked.

These are some of the most common automatic transmission problems that you will find in the vehicles. All of them can cost you a leg and arm if you don’t address the issues immediately.


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