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What attracts termites, is it mulch or the pines or something else? This is one of the most critical questions that haunt the homeowners and often gives them sleepless nights. A termite infestation can land you in several problems ad also affects your property. It can damage your furniture and damage your property to the core with a weak foundation. 

If you feel that termites already infest your house, then giving a call to the pest control professionals can be the only option. If you think that the termites are not there, you must take care of some things that can help the termites stay far from your place.  

As a vigilant homeowner, you need to keep in mind some essential things that can keep the termites away. Let us get to know some of the points. 

Things That You Might Be Doing That Attract Termites Inside Your Home

Many things must be kept in mind so that you do not open your doors for the termites. Let us look at some of the things that you must stop doing to keep the termites away:

Collect Firewood And Stock It

It is a bad habit of homeowners to collect firewood and stock it up in their backyard. This firewood invites the termites and gives them a feeling that you are inviting them with open arms to your home. 

The NPMA also advises that you keep the woodpile or the firewood at least 20 feet from your home so that the termites do not enter your interiors. Suppose you feel that the infestation has already begun. In that case, it is best to give a call to the pest control professionals and get rid of termites at the earliest. 

Dark Areas

It is one of the reasons that can prove to be a spot where the termites can grow in your house. A lot of dark areas where proper lights are not there can be cold and full of moisture. If you have such areas in and around your house, then it is recommended that you install proper lights and keep them warm.

 The best advice that even pest control professionals offer is that you must not leave your house unattended. Keep your home clean and tidy. Dust it timely, and you will enjoy a termite-free house without any hassles. 

Improper Drainage

Fix inadequate drainage on your property, whether its gutters or other ways of drainage. It is essential to fix them because humidity attracts termites. Cleaning gutters is not just a critical part of taking care of your property; if they are not maintained, it brings termites into your home.

The increase in moisture from improper drainage can make your insulation or foundation vulnerable to infestation with termites. If possible, make sure that all drainage water is diverted away from the foundation, and as far as possible from the property.


One of the most common ways in which people attract termites to their homes is by mulch. Mulching is considered to be very good for the garden and your plants. If you mulch too much near your house, it can help the termites reach the foundation and start infesting your property from the core. This can also lead to your home getting prone to a massive disaster in the future. 


It is good to plant trees, but if you have trees that grow along the walls of your house, you can fall into a problem. The termites can reach out to your house's interiors with the trees’ help touching the walls of your home. 

Stack Of Papers And Books

It is important to dust your interiors, but do you know that it is most important to keep a check on your bookshelves and clean it nicely once in 15 days. Stack of papers and boos kept unattended can invite the termites and be one of the best places to breed in and grow into a community. 

Wet Bathroom floors

Yes!! You read it right. Termites are in love with wet places, and your damp bathroom floors can be a ballroom for them. Usually, leaving your bathroom floor or laundry area soaking with water will increase the risk factor of infestation with termites. It's not that the termites gather on the site of humidity, but the still water can flow through the carpet or walls on these sites. If you have nearby wooden furniture, this might mean one thing: a possible infestation.

The good thing about this is that the bathroom is probably sealed with tiles, and soap residues are saturated in the laundry area. But that reduces the risk a little bit. Walking through the wet floor is also relevant because it acts as the dampness distributor around the house.

Unattended Basement

An unattended basement looks spooky, but it is also the best companion of the termites. It acts as the breeding place for termites and helps them grow to the extent that you cannot control them. 

Once the termites have entered and infested your basement, it is best to call pest control professionals and get rid of the problem. Else it will damage your entire property. 

A Chilling Air Conditioner

If you are one of those who love to keep their air conditioners set to the minimum temperature and enjoy a feel of chilly winters, then this is especially for you. The air conditioner can grow the moisture and make your furniture feel moist and damp. This dampness can invite the termites and make them infest your wooden furniture quickly. 

Suppose you notice that the termites have infested your furniture. It is good to call the pest control professionals to protect the infestation from growing. 


You might be surprised, but the décor of your house also plays an important in the growth of termites. You might be in love with the décor of your home, but if left unattended, it can be the first place where insects and termites can make their nests and grow. 

If you have removable décor, then it is a great idea to remove it once in 15 days and give it a quick clean up. The things that can be washed must be washed thoroughly. 


Infestation with termite may occur for a variety of reasons. It may already be present in the house for decades. The area has a notorious history of infestation with termite. These are just a few of the possible causes, but these termite-magnets are self-inflicted at times. You could do things or put things inside your house that the pest finds comfortable to stay and mummy. The following are just a few of the possible culprits for the infestation happening in your home.

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