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Things You Must Know About a Telecom Service Company


Are you a well-established business? If yes, you might be familiar with telecom services. It may be possible that this phrase may sound a little daunting. It may appear to be something of overkill in the context of your particular operations. But in reality, this is something very simple. With the importance of telecom service providers in India, establishing a partnership with a telecom consultancy company can help you grow your business.

When you want to launch a new service, develop a specific telecom solution, or drive more revenue from existing products and networks, telecom services can provide you with the complete guide at every stage of the decision-making process.

Read on to know important information about the telecom service provider in India.

Features of a good company

A good telecom company is constructed in a way to serve the purpose of modern businesses. It can help you implement the digital transformation which is required to handle increasing data volumes, Big Data analytics and the internet of things.

A leading service provider can help you with MPLS network service. Their scope of network services includes:

  • Enterprise WAN
  • Integration Services
  • Edge services

It is a combined communication to Network execution services and Network Consulting Services. The service provider is focused on its core competencies. They strive to save you substantial sums of money which is generally spent in building and maintaining network capabilities. You can be able to reduce your risks of network failure or data loss by offloading the risk. Besides, you will be able to easily meet compliance requirements of regulatory authorities backed by the expertise of a good service provider in the domain.

Regional network

When you decide to select a telecom service company, make sure it uses one of the largest IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-enables Tier 1 networks. Ensure how many points the company covers and in how many cities its points of presence (PoPs) available. You should rest assured that the network of the company is completely meshed and carrier-agnostic. The network should be IPv6-ready, with hi-tech support on fiber and multiple high-capacity circuits.

Further, the company network should be built to support the move to fully digital business with bandwidth services that are available for content providers, enterprises, over-top-top providers and other network operators with speeds up to 100 Gbps throughout India.

Undersea Cable Network

Moreover, a reputable telecom service company maintains undersea cable network. For example, they can sustain a cable landing station in Mumbai with contact to Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine communications cable system resources. In general, this undersea cable network is designed to guarantee the extreme level of IP service steadiness and performance by offering varied cable options for redundancy over the multi-cable systems, such as the Middle East North Africa(MENA), Europe India Gateway (EIG), i2i Cable, Gulf Bridge International (GBI), Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG), FEA (Flag Europe Asia) Cable System, Tata TGN-Tata Indicom Cable (TIC), Pacnet and SeaMeWe-4.

International Network

Not only the undersea cable maintenance, but a good telecom company is also committed to offering one of the world’s most extensive international networks to join users and locations of customers across on the global ground. For example, the company may have diverse cable assets and multiple POPs over different geographies with direct connectivity In Atlantic and the Asia Pacific regions to a range of major IP network operators.


The information about telecom service providers can help you contract with a good telecom service provider for your business. The company with an aim to grow pioneer in introducing advanced technologies to the Indian market.

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