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Things You Must Know About the Popular TV Actor So Ji Sub 

So Ji Sub is one of the most famous and celebrated South Korean Television Actors. He is best known for the leading role in the romantic comedy television of Sophi’s revenge, Cain and Abel series. Additionally, the actor had a progressive hip-hop talent under the pseudonym G, which amazes most fans.

The television actor is also a jeans model professional swimmer; thus, making Authorities name him the best-dressed male in 2010 at the Annually Korean Lifestyle Awards. By visiting, you can get most of the details on her biography. Let’s look at the vital facts that you don’t know about So Ji Sub’s age and personal life.

1. Bibliography

Therefore, Ji Sub was born on Friday, November 4, 1977, in Seoul, South Korea. He became popular and famous because of his leading role in various television series such as Cain and Abel. Additionally, the hip-hop career, which is under the pseudonym G, also enhanced his popularity. He attended school at the Kwangsung Incheon High school and later at the Chungwon University of Performing Arts. According to most interviews, So Ji Sub reveals that he is still single.

2. Zodiac sign

He has a zodiac sign of a Scorpio, indicating he was born between October 23 and November 21. The individuals who have the Scorpio sign get the most misunderstandings from the others. They have bold and intense feelings or personalities, which mostly hide under their cool exterior appearance. These individuals can control and complete massive projects with full confidence. Lastly, they also present perceptive, sacrificing, emotional, driven, determined, and passionate values.

3. Age

Most fans are seeking to understand the proper age of this popular television actor. Being born in 1977, the South Korean actor is currently 43 years old. He was born on Friday, which most cultural Koreans believe it's a planet that rules romance, elegance, balance, and love. It makes all those born on Friday become social animals, obsessed with love or beauty and art.

4. Born on the Year Representing the Serpent

The famous actor was born in a year that represents the serpent in the country. Most individuals regard the serpent as one of the sliest and cunning animals on earth, which likes to hang out in the darkness. Thus, this animal presents a symbol or sign of wit and wisdom. Individuals born this year have numerous strengths, ranging from intelligent, determined, humorous, and soft-spoken to sympathetic. However, these individuals also portray bad virtues such as being suspicious, fickle, jealousy, and lighthearted.

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Final Thoughts

So Ji-sub is one of the most famous television series and movie actors in South Korea. Due to his popularity, most fans are seeking to understand more information about him. This information provides all the details or things you didn't know about him, such as the age, bibliography, the zodiac sign, and the birth year's relevance. You can also get the relevant details on this popular South Korean actor on websites.

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