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Things You Need to Know About Online Signature

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An online signature is a digital signature, also known as digital password, that is digitally linked with other information in digital form and that is used by the sender to authenticate that the user has indeed sent this message to the receiver. Digital signatures are used in a variety of settings such as emails, faxes, online registrations and others. There are two distinct types of digital signature: key-id and secret-key. A key-id is a secret number assigned to a particular digital keypad that is needed to generate a signature whenever a message is signed. A secret key is a number that allows you to make certain communications more secure but that cannot be derived from your key-id.

Sign Documents that must be Filed Legally

An online signature is alternative to docusign which is commonly used to sign documents that must be filed legally, such as wills and legal papers. With this type of signature, a person's personal identification information is not included on the signature as it would be if they had been physically signing the document. Instead, the signature is digitally added to the document and a cryptogram, or digitally embedded secret key, is used to encrypt the signature and the document together. Key-id signatures are used in virtually all sorts of electronic and non-electronic documents and files. Some computer programs actually allow a user to create a key-id and secret key which can be combined with a signature so that a signature is created that is only known to the owner of the file.

Online Signature

A good signature online service provider will have the necessary technology to ensure that a user's legal identification and personal information are protected. Therefore, when one sends legal documents electronically, it is important that the service provider has the ability to secure the information so that it can be protected legally. This is what makes the coco verificado protection unique and provides a greater sense of security to the sender than a simply a digital signature.

Electronic Signature – Points To Consider

An e-Signature is just like a digital signature where the document is stored online but instead of a user digitally signing the document, it is instead an e-Signature that is stored digitally on servers operated by the online signature provider. An e-Signature is much like a password, because it also authenticates documents that have been signed but have not yet been saved onto computer disks. Electronic signatures provide a greater level of security to documents than a simple digital signature. An e-Signature is attached to a document in a secured data field which acts like a virtual lock. If someone wants to read the document, he must go to a website that has access to a server containing the embedded key-id and secret key that provide access to the information contained in the document.

The difference between a legal document that is signed online and an e signature is that an e signature is not stored on a computer hard drive. An e signature is attached to a document that has to be signed offline, such as in a legal proceeding. Once the document is saved onto a computer, the signature is stored on that computer and can be retrieved if the person for some reason can access that computer. If an e signature is used for legal documents, then the signature is considered to be a secure form of digital signature. Since only the entity owning the document has the key-id and secret key, no other person can sign a document that was procured using an e signature.

An online signature service has many advantages over traditional file formats. One of the biggest benefits is that an e-Signature saves a great deal of time. Because an e Signature is stored electronically, if there are multiple users with access to that same file, then multiple people can make changes to the document with no risk of having their changes acknowledged. Also, because an e signature is attached to each file, rather than having to save the file separately through multiple program interfaces, the time taken to update any files is considerably reduced.

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