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Things You Need To Know Before Forming a Brick Ledge

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Do you want to lay down the bricks, stone or other veneers directly on a footing or foundation of your building? The brick ledge is all that you need right now! A brick ledge can support 1000kg per square meter weight. 

On one hand, you can place the brick ledge monolithically with the foundation elements. On the other hand, you can also construct it separately according to the need of the hour. You should know the following things before making a brick ledge.

Construction of Concrete Brick Ledge

Firstly, the thing that you need to consider before initiating the formation of the brick ledge is the construction type. Either you are going to make a brick ledge internally or externally. If you want to make an internal brick ledge then you must know that it should be made with the foundation only. Just when you are laying the concrete foundation of your house, attach the framework along with the foundation element. 

Now install the designated reinforcement. In the final step, pour the concrete integrally with the foundation of the structure.

In case, you are constructing the bridge ledge separately, then follow the below-given steps; 

  1. Excavate a trench beside a concrete slab. Your trench depth can vary from 15.24cm and to 30.48cm.

  2. Now put a grade at the bottom of the trench to level it properly.

  3. Balance the formwork. Use stakes to fix the sides driven in the ground every 1.22m along the outside of the formwork.

  4. See your design values and install the reinforcement according to it. 

  5. Pour all the concrete in the brick ledge framework. 

  6. Tap the side of the formwork with the hammer to compact the poured concrete.

  7. Make sure to remove the air pockets and settle the grave properly. 

  8. Get rid of excessive concrete.

  9. Use the concrete trowel to smooth the concrete. 

  10. Keep curing the concrete until it restores strength. 

If you are making flared brick ledge section then you should reinforce it with a line of horizontal rebar, and stirrups.

Depth of the Brick Ledge

Usually, a brick ledge is about 5 1/2″. Although you can increase or decrease the depth according to your need but make sure your brick ledge remains stable. 

The depth of the brick ledge (from the upper wall to the foundation outer edge) is determined by the size of the bricks used, size of the foundation form boards used, as well as other potential factors. Brick does come in different sizes but the typical brick nominal width is 3″ – 4″. The lumber used to create the foundation forms also comes in nominal lengths. As a result the typical brick ledge depth is approximately 5 1/2″.

Moisture Management

As you know the sole purpose of making a brick ledge is to have a place for settling the moisture. Not just that, the moisture should be managed without damaging the wood framing components. So we recommend using flashing materials to protect the sill plate and other material. 

In addition to that, the flashing material will protect the whole structure, leaving a fine place for moisture settling.  

There are many other factors that you must consider before you start making your brick sledge. From perfect building material to suitable angles, you can learn everything about Forming a brick ledge here! Just click on the link and explore the latest brick ledge forming options.

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