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Things You Need to Know to Get Rid of Chub Rub

Chub rub or inner thigh chafing is a common, unpleasant situation for many people, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. There are ways to avoid it or, if you are already experiencing it, relieve the pain. This article talks about the most helpful ways to help you confidently beat chafing issues and permanently relieve the pain of chub rub.

Preventing Chub-Rub

Clothing Matters


Too much rubbing of the skin, whether from walking, working out, or another activity, can cause your inner-thigh skin to weaken and wear away, resulting in painful thigh chafing.


Consider buying a pair of anti chafing shorts. Also, try to avoid wearing loose-fitting cotton pants, as they will hold moisture and irritate your skin even more.


Use Anti-Chafing Products


According to Birnur Aral, Ph.D., a senior chemist at the Good Housekeeping Institute, “anti-chafing products create a protective coating on the skin that might reduce friction between touching skin parts.” Aral recommends looking for waxes and polyethylene to form a film, along with silica and zinc oxide, which are powders that provide a silky and non-sticky texture. A useful tip? Try using antiperspirant on your inner thighs. It really works!


Limit The Amount Of Sweating You Do


Did you know that moisture can break down the top layer of skin, leaving it chafed and irritated? That’s why you need to limit how much you sweat.  Talcum powder is effective in stopping your skin from sweating and keeping it dry. Before you begin your day, apply a light coat of powder on your inner thighs.

Treating Chafing Thighs


If you’re already suffering from chafing and in pain, there are a few things you can do to alleviate the discomfort and speed up the healing process. 


1. Use a gentle cleanser and avoid scrubbing. Harsh soaps can exacerbate your chafed skin and make matters worse. Instead, gently wash with warm water and a pH-neutral moisturising soap bar. 


2. Change up your clothes. Dr Kavita Mariwalla, a dermatologic surgeon at Stony Brook Hospital in New York, recommends wearing soft, breathable cotton clothing during the day and breathable cotton pyjamas instead of a nightgown at night. This keeps your thighs from becoming irritated further.


3. Apply moisturiser. To soothe, protect, and heal the raw skin, apply pure Vaseline. Stick to tried-and-tested petroleum jelly and avoid creams with fragrances or sophisticated components; they’ll bother you much more. 


4. Purchase anti-chafing shorts. A good pair of anti-chafing shorts can work wonders for the chub rub issue you are facing.


5. Make an appointment with your doctor. If the chafing does not improve, you may have an infection. In addition, when the skin is broken, yeast and bacteria can invade your skin, necessitating the use of a medicinal cream.


See your doctor ASAP if you experience any of the following along with chafing:


  • bleeding

  • discolouration

  • swelling

  • crusting


Other Treatments For Chub Rub


Some other treatments that can help soothe chafed skin include topical corticosteroid creams, as well as aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, cornstarch, zinc oxide, and petroleum jelly.

The Bottom Line

Chub rub or inner thigh chafing is undoubtedly annoying and painful, but don’t let it get you down. Hopefully, this article has guided you through ways to prevent and treat chafing.

Can You Ship Alcohol at Home via Mail?
Can You Ship Alcohol at Home via Mail?
    Finding the right party supplies can be challenging without spending a fortune. And while people can always head to the store, it can be more fun to try something new once in a while. If folks are looking for something unique and exciting to bring to their next party, they might be shocked to learn that they can send alcohol via postal after following a few restrictions. 
This article answers the question of how can you ship alcohol through the mail and everything one needs to know to get started. So read on and find out how shipping drinks at home can add extra fun to your next celebration!
What is Alcohol, and How is It Shipped?
It is a type of beverage that is produced from fermented sugarcane or other plant sources. It can be shipped in any container approved by the U.S. Postal Service, such as a box, bottle, or can. Folks must package it properly to ensure it does not leak and cause a public disturbance. The shipping package should also include information about the product, such as the brand name and quantity.
How to Ship?
So can you ship alcohol via mail? Yes, you can send them via mail. However, keep these factors in mind:
You'll need to ensure that the package can withstand damage during shipping.
Ensure that the item is appropriately packaged and labeled to avoid any issues at the border.
Follow all the applicable state and federal regulations when shipping.
Contact a professional logistics provider if you have questions about shipping alcohol via mail. They can help you get your package shipped without any issues.
What are the Requirements for Shipping Alcohol via Mail?
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) states that alcohol is not eligible for mailing and must be shipped in containers that are three-quarters full or less. These can only be shipped to addresses within the United States. Additionally, USPS prohibits this shipment via Priority Mail, Express Mail, or First Class Package Services.
To ship such items via mail, you will need to provide the following information to the USPS:
A physical address where the items will be delivered
The weight and volume of the items being mailed
The type of package being mailed (It may only be sent in a package that is labeled as containing alcoholic beverages)
Choose to ship your drinks via Priority Mail, Express Mail, or First Class Package Services. You must provide documentation from your liquor store certifying that the product meets government regulations and is classified as an alcoholic beverage.
What are the Regulations on Such Shipping?
There are specific regulations governing the shipment of alcohol via mail. The Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) prohibits shipping any alcoholic beverage across state lines. In addition, shipments of more than 3.4 ounces per item will be subject to additional taxes and fees.   To ship drinks through the mail, you must obtain an FAA permit. Permits are only available for shipments that do not exceed 24 fluid ounces per package and travel no farther than your address. You should also include a copy of your state liquor authority license with your application.   Once you have obtained a permit, you must follow all the same packaging and shipping requirements as if you were shipping alcohol through a commercial carrier. Ensure all required documentation, including proof of delivery, signed paperwork, and insurance information.
Trying to get your drinks shipped home through the mail can be tricky. The ideal way to send alcohol via mail is by contacting a trusted logistics partner. Look for multiple services available online and choose which fits the best.   
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