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Things You Should Be Doing for Your Employees

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Being part of a successful startup company is an awesome feeling, but small businesses often struggle with understanding employment on a larger scale once they’ve finally made it. Even large companies are unaware of what employees may be looking for and what regulations apply to employment. While government regulations generally change slowly, employee expectations are constantly evolving.

Lead by Example

Employees will look to you for everything. Ideally, they will not look to you for instructions at all hours because employees should be self-motivated. Instead, they will think of you as an example of how they should treat customers and each other. They will look to you to determine what attitudes are appropriate. If you act discouraged around your employees, they will also be discouraged. A little bit of productivity goes a long way. Most importantly, show your employees that you work equally hard when on the job. If they see you relaxing during business hours while they are constantly on edge, they will feel like they know more than you or don’t have to listen to you. Show them how you want them to work.

Allow Remote Work (and Other Positive Changes)

Remote work is one possible example of many popular employment trends. Ultimately, you need to decide which ones will work best for your business and incorporate those. Also, consider what is best for your employees. Some employees are more effective at home and can focus better. Others struggle to stay self-motivated. The best thing is to be aware of trends like this. It’s also important for you to know when they will benefit or harm your employees specifically. Consider requesting feedback on what changes your employees might like but make it clear that no suggestion is guaranteed.

Supply Important Tools

This doesn’t necessarily mean power tools or physical tools. This can include the software and other resources that your employees need to perform each and every task. Employees are unlikely to stay if they’re expected to purchase programs such as Adobe suite for work. The good news is that employers no longer have to purchase computers for employees but definitely still can. What you can and can’t afford to buy for employees plays a huge factor in this category. Be on the lookout for software and programs that are available for free commercial use but ensure that the company is alright with you using it commercially.

Streamline Payroll

Make sure that payroll is an easy process for both you and your employees. If necessary, hire an HR department. At the very least, you should probably hire at least one person in charge of managing payroll. Keep in mind that employers often have responsibilities regarding taxes, minimum wage, and paying the agreed amount. Make sure you write down everything you agree to and stand by it. If you would prefer to work on payroll on your own, make sure you know how to perform basic tasks and learn how to make a pay stub.

Respect and Be Respected

Interaction between employees and employers should be based on respect. If you expect your employees to listen to you, you must behave in a way that identifies you as someone to be listened to. Whether that relationship is founded on mutual understanding or intimidation is ultimately up to you, but employees seem more likely to listen to an employee who understands them and is fair. Employees have no reason to complain when the fair, agreed terms are being supported. If treated with respect, they are much more likely to focus and listen rather than push back or argue.

The best thing is to be flexible and aware. If you ignore employee needs and performance, satisfaction and productivity are likely to drop. Make allowances for employees who have proven their worth without making them feel more special than anyone else. Your employees should feel like they are expected to work hard but will also receive rewards in return. A motivational, fair working environment is a key factor in business success.

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