Think about outsourcing Adwords management


For most small companies, pay-per-click (PPC) Adwords can be a blessing in disguise but that is when it’s done right. When done incorrectly, it can be a curse, costing time and money. PPC is a budget-friendly way of advertising online where the company will only pay a fee when one of their adverts is clicked. Search engines like Google will list your adverts online at the top and bottom of organic search results with a tag underneath showing it’s an ad. But when it comes to the management of Adwords PPC, a company doing it all on their own can find themselves in a lot of trouble very quickly and the expected satisfactory results don’t materialise. But with the help of an agency that specialises in online advertising and PPC Adwords management in Auckland, you will be able to reap the benefits of online advertising without all the risk and hard work. At an expert agency, they have a dedicated team of professionals who have undergone extensive training to become leaders in the industry. This will ensure that there will be an increase in the results and small companies can use their free time that was dedicated to handling Adwords, into more constructive projects to grow the company. So, if you need more convincing as to why you should outsource your Adwords management, read further.

Mobile App advertising

Creating a mobile application that will make the lives of many users a bit easier takes a lot of hard work. But the reward comes when it is paid for and downloaded in the millions. However, when people do not know about the existence of your app, how will they be able to download it? With the help of Google Adwords Universal App campaigns, it will be easy to advertise your Android or iOS application across Google and its partner networks such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, Search as well as the Google Display Network. An agency such as Sprocket Digital will be able to help you with a starting bid and budget as well as the location of your ads and what languages they must be in. Your app will be shown to billions around the world without much effort on your part.

Google Shopping Campaign

This is a terrific way to advertise products from your website or online store each time a user makes a search relevant to it. Not only will the user see a picture of your product on the search page but also its description which will include the price, title, ratings and reviews, and the name of your store. This will help shoppers make an informed decision and increase the likelihood of a purchase being completed. Google shopping will help your website or online store receive an increase in click through rates. The ads will not only appear in Google shopping but also next to the search results in Google Search and will be separate from text ads. They will also appear on some Google Search partner websites, Google Display Network and Image Search. An agency can assist you in managing your shopping ads in Google Ads with the use of shopping campaigns.

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Optimise and manage negative keywords

Optimising your Adwords for negative keywords enables a company to bypass keywords that are not suitable for their brand. They do this by approaching search engines like Bing and they can prevent adverts from being displayed when people use keywords to search for something that is not related to the product. Using unique keywords will help draw in the right demographic for your products and services. Negative keywords also play a role in blocking keywords from adverts and creating a conflict. When this happens, it might be difficult for your advert to not show up in searches that are relevant to the company, causing you to lose business opportunities. A competent agency will be able to help you to optimise your negative keywords so that you maximise every prospect online.

Handle the product feed.

Let us be honest. In the perfect world, a company would be able to get their internal team to not only assist with the maintenance of the product feed but also optimise it. But because it is technical and time-consuming, such an endeavour is not always recommended. A feed that is optimised and well maintained will assist search engines in showing your online adverts to the potential customers who will be interested in them. A relevant advert that is displayed to an online user who might find it relatable will help lead these people to your website where they can then browse and search for what they want. The longer they stay, the better it is for the website and the chances of them making a purchase will increase with every moment of their stay. Without the right data, products may fail to show up in searches which could result in loss of customers and revenue. Getting an agency to assist you in both will enable you to sleep at night, knowing that experts are ensuring that your online services are a cut above the rest. They should understand that the title of the product on the website along with its description that is fully optimised to rank well in searches and an image that is also relevant to your product and optimised to appear in searches.

Letting an agency assist your company where online advertisement is concerned, is the best way to see a return on your investment. With experts on your side, you will be able to see the results as your website gains more traffic which is essential to show off your products and services. With people aware of what you are offering, it will be easier to make purchases which will increase revenue. And when your revenue increases, so does the reputation of the business. Visit Sprocket Digital to see what they can do for you.